How to be a successful Indie Game developer

Game developer

Game developer

Everyone can be a game developer but to become a successful game developer, you need to be able to survive on the income you make from game development. Just make sure you got the above sentence before you plunge into the ocean of game development.

With this internet era all the information is available online in a chaotic manner. Filtering out the right stuff from the wrong stuff can only be done after you gain a certain amount of experience. So, as a beginner, how to follow a path to a successful game development career.

This post is going to tell you all the details required but some might be hard to digest.

Picking a Game engine

Now there are so many game engines out there and some people even claim that you should use your own game engine. If your goal is to make games then don’t waste your time making a game engine from scratch. Pick a game engine and start making games.

Oftentimes you will come across the debate of Unity vs Unreal. You should ignore them as both are equally powerful to make games that you can think of. Unity is a little beginner friendly so I would suggest starting with it.

Learning Unity

Game engines have so many features that are built in to cater to the needs of game developers in different Genres. You don’t need to learn all the features listed. Just a selected few which will help you get started.

VionixStudio has made a list of Unity tutorials that you should learn to get started. These tutorials are made for complete beginners and give you a good path to start with your game development journey.

Research your market

This goes for all products including games. If you make a game that nobody wants to play then probably nobody will play it. That is why it’s important to do your research on which games the player wants to play and make it.

This way you will increase the chances of making a hit game. Some big gaming companies invest thousands of dollars just for the research phase. There are a lot of differences between how a AAA company and an Indie game studio operates.

Know how to market

Making a game is just one step. You need to be able to sell it to your players. Even though there is access to distribution platforms like Google Play, Steam , Nintendo there is still a lot of competition to beat before players can even see your game in the listing.

You can either do all the marketing yourself or you can partner up with a publisher so that they can take all the marketing load.

If you decide on marketing the game yourself then make a list that answers the following questions

  1. Who is my target player?
  2. Where can I find him?
  3. How much time or money do I need to spend to reach my target player?

Keeping all these in mind, you must be able to make a successful game. I would suggest you read the post on How to make your own game from VionixStudio for more details before proceeding with your game development journey.