Is There A Difference In Quality Between AAA And Independent Games?



Today, players have access to a massive selection of video games. However, despite the huge quantity of games available, we can categorize most of them into either independent or AAA.

Indie games have a reputation for being less polished than their AAA counterparts, but as recent releases from major studios have shown, this isn’t always the case. However, a thorough awareness of the distinctions between them is critical.

In today’s post, the artists at our 3d game art studio will explain the distinctions between the two.

Are AAA and Triple-A games the same thing?

Major studios employ hundreds of game designers, concept artists, and developers to create AAA (sometimes referred to as Triple-A) games. These games have enormous budgets, as you would expect.

When Grand Theft Auto V was launched in 2013 and surpassed $1 billion three days after its release, its development cost was roughly $140 million. The result of this is that book publishers also spend a lot of money on promotional activities.

AAA games often have many companies working on different areas of the game, with the primary developer distributing materials to them all. The result is a lengthy, comprehensive, and precisely built environment in most AAA games.

There are also excellent visuals, and some games go beyond the capabilities of consoles and PCs. They might command a greater price because of their larger initial outlay. A typical price range is $40 to $100.

  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, for example, is a well-known AAA game.
  • A deity of war in the Red Dead Redemption 2 universe.
  • We are the last of our kind
  • Spider-Man
  • Jedi Knights of the Old Republic

Limited versions with extra DLC, skins, or season passes are also available from game developers for an additional charge.

However, just because AAA games cost a lot of money doesn’t indicate that you’ll get a decent experience from them. Several recent releases, like Cyberpunk 2077 and Fallout 76, had issues when they were first made available to the public.

Unification – Assassin’s Creed

Some Triple-A games have also been criticized for having limited replay value and playability while being priced at the same level as a complete game. A good example of this is Star Wars: Battlefront II. It had multiple microtransactions and a “pay to win” edge for players.

Indie games are what they sound like?

Indie games are created by small teams rather than large corporations, in contrast to their AAA counterparts. Occasionally, these are self-funded initiatives with a strong sense of purpose. The publishers of many indie studios do not support many of them.

‘Independent’ in this context implies the creator is working alone; as previously said, a small group or person is free to do what they want or enjoy since the other firm developing and/or publishing the games does not have ownership of it.

Crowdfunding has become the preferred method of fundraising for many independent developers. Due to a lack of funds, many games are smaller and less time-consuming.

It’s not a negative thing. In order to attract a larger audience and keep the price cheap, independent game developers create titles aimed at a broader demographic. One of the most popular indie games of all time, Minecraft was developed by Markus Pern and Rolf Jansson for $13 per copy in its initial form.

Despite its retro aesthetic, this research-based video game packs an impressive amount of depth for its age. The pixelated image style is very common in independent games, which emphasize storyline above visuals.

Therefore, independent games’ graphics may not be as sharp as those of AAA titles. In spite of this, they make up for it in terms of playability. The following are some of the most well regarded independent games of recent years:

  • Valley of the Stars
  • Cells that have died in Heaven’s Hades
  • Spelunky
  • Cuphead, the hulking meathead
  • Bastion

Independent video games are becoming more popular

Due to several large studios’ failures and delays, the number of independent game creators is on the increase. Playing games like Stardew Valley doesn’t cost anything and provides limitless replayability. While this may be true, big publishers are taking notice.

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