5 Types of Mobile Apps Used in the Workplace

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Technology has played a pivotal role in how much workplaces have developed over the years. No long do meetings always take place in conference rooms; no more do employees have to work at an in-office desk. Workplaces are now more streamlined, efficient, and forward-thinking.

Apps have a great deal to do with that. Apps aren’t just for the average consumer – they are also built for businesses to keep track of, manage, and engage both employees and customers.

If you are a business looking to improve the workplace with an app, you might wonder where to begin. First, learn about these five workplace-focused apps, and then decide which one will most benefit your organization.

1: Communication Apps 

One of the best app types you can use in the workplace is a communication app. It allows everyone, from the HR department to the sales department, to communicate from wherever they are. That includes instant messaging, video calling, and audio calling. Plus, many communication apps also fall under engagement apps, which have a whole other ton of features like content sharing. Click here to learn more about mobile apps for employee engagement.

2: Project Management Apps 

Project management becomes so much easier when it can be done on one platform. These apps allow leaders to manage projects efficiently, organizing roles, targets, deadlines, content, and more. They are a game-changer when it comes to completing tasks to a high standard.

3: Content Sharing Apps 

It’s common for employees to need to transfer files throughout the day. They might need to send their manager a word document, send a project team-mate a design idea, or send their HR manager a completed survey. In these situations, content-sharing apps help massively. By making content sharing quick and easy, employee time and energy are saved.

4: Time Management Apps 

How do you make employees more productive? Often, the best way to increase productivity is to manage time better, and that’s why time management apps are so effective. They allow teams to track each hour of the day and each day of the week. It ensures slacking is reduced; that work hours are for precisely that – work. Some companies even find that reducing work hours is beneficial when time is managed properly.

5: Scheduling Apps 

Scheduling apps are like having a personal assistant in your pocket, which is why their workplace popularity is so understandable. With a scheduling app, you can organize different events throughout the day, from work lunches to meetings. It makes managing the day much easier, leading to increased productivity.

When it comes to choosing the best mobile app for your company, it’s all about your unique needs. Do you have a large team that needs to stay connected? Do you transfer tons of files throughout the day?

If you want an all-in-one, a good employee engagement app is usually the best option, as they allow you to communicate with employees, manage projects, share content, and more. It gives you what you want from a work-focused app – efficiency, organization, and collaboration.