50+ Things to Sell on Etsy



What should I sell on Etsy? Whether you’re an expert in the arts and crafts or a complete novice, you should keep asking yourself this question.

Unfortunately, the majority of articles simply feature the products that sell the best on Etsy, which can easily send the wrong message. You can be successful by copying a Best selling items on Etsy. On the Etsy marketplace, everything does, in fact, have a home. You’ll make sales if Etsy consumers enjoy your distinctive goods. Etsy stands out from other online marketplaces because of this.

Step 1: Acquire knowledge of “What Can I Sell on Etsy”

You must first understand the platform’s guidelines if you want to excel on Etsy. Thus, the first step is to be aware of what you are and are not permitted what to sell on Etsy.

Please scroll down to quickly review the pertinent sections of the Etsy seller policy.

Etsy allows the selling of THREE different kinds of goods.

  • Made-by-hand creations
  • Crafting materials; vintage items (at least 20 years old)

In addition, the FOUR following products cannot be sold on Etsy.

  • Prohibited things, particularly those that encourage, condone, or celebrate discrimination, violence, or are otherwise prohibited.

Services that don’t provide a brand-new tangible item that satisfies Etsy requirements (On Etsy, for instance, rentals are not permitted.)

  • Products that are in violation of Etsy’s intellectual property rules.
  • Reselling is prohibited in Etsy’s handcrafted category.

Step 2: Jot down any ideas you have for Etsy products.

It’s time to concentrate on the most crucial issue at hand: what to sell for your business on Etsy.

Keep in mind that every person has a unique issue to deal with. Here, we’ll make a number of assumptions. You may examine each one separately. In addition to providing the greatest items, we will also provide you with information on where to obtain them.

The worst case situation is that you are unsure of what to sell.

Don’t Stress. Here are our top 10 suggestions for Etsy shop ideas.

  1. Planners
  2. Baby clothes, personalised jewellery, and
  3. Fabric Accessories
  4. Invites to weddings
  5. Baby bows and hair accessories
  6. Sewing Materials
  7. Cases or boxes for jewellery
  8. Party 9. Wedding decorations

Most likely, you’re reluctant to use Etsy to market your real or digital goods.

The reality is that everyone excels in different areas. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the two categories’ top sellers. You should think about which item on the Etsy marketplace is perfect for you.

Best Physical Items on Etsy to Sell:

  1. Appliance or machine accessories
  2. Storage Alternatives
  3. Earrings
  4. T-shirts
  5. Custom clothing
  6. Clothing transfers
  7. Chocolate
  8. Honey\s9.
  9. Seeds
  10. Plants
  11. Crystals and Rocks
  12. Seeds
  13. Plants
  14. Crystals and Rocks
  15. Candy
  16. Cards, favours for the wedding
  17. Soaps,. Candles
  18. Car Decals and Stickers
  19. Handmade Items
  20. Customized Mugs
  21. Hand-Knitted Items
  22. Baby toys,
  23. Pottery

Top Digital Items for Etsy Sellers:

  1. Prints
  2. Downloadable Activity Sheets
  3. Workbooks
  4. Electronic Planners
  5. Clipart
  6. SVG and DXF files, sixth
  7. Patterns for knitting and sewing
  8. Music Sheets
  9. Instructions
  10. Excel Templates,

Of course, each has advantages and disadvantages. View the complete analysis here.

The ideal situation is that you already have an idea and only need to confirm it.

Take the decision to offer handcrafted soap as an illustration. You have discovered four different varieties.

  1. Aromatic oil soap
  2. Body Wash
  3. Charcoal Soap
  4. Lavender Soap

Which one does Etsy sales best? The finest option is lavender soap, it may be concluded. How will you prove your theory? Take notes from the thorough analysis.

Or perhaps you can’t foresee what would sell well while knowing that the Christmas season brings high sales.

Again, let’s say you want to boost sales by seizing the upcoming Father’s Day. Then, we’ll recommend the following Father’s Day presents to you.

  1. Wood Image
  2. Docking Station
  3. Coordinating Shirts
  4. Customized Photo Keychain
  5. Individualized BBQ Tool Set
  6. Customized Dad Cup
  7. Personalized Best Dad Socks

Visit Etsy.com, browse the editors’ hand-picked categories, or enter any relevant search terms. These might really aid in giving you some early business ideas.

On Etsy, though, sellers can pick from 15 primary categories and more than 3,000 subcategories. To save time and find chances, using a data-driven tool would be beneficial.

Step 3: Finding it difficult to decide? Ask yourself these 5 things.

Before moving on to Step 3, be sure Step 2 is finished. To put it another way, you’ve listed some potential prospects.

How long can you continue to adore it?

It’s not a pipe dream to be able to support your pastime financially. However, only those with strong persistence skills may ultimately succeed in their goals. Therefore, think about whether you will have the motivation to remain with it for the upcoming months or even years before selecting a category on Etsy.

Are you able to produce it on your own?

As you may be aware, Etsy is a distinctive online market where more than 80% of the vendors provide handcrafted items. If you decide to do anything, you must be able to do it on your own.

Are there any challenges finding its raw materials?

The largest challenge will be identifying providers of the materials required for your handmade goods or craft supplies once you have decided what to offer on Etsy.

In general, you have two choices.

  • Online retailers. For instance, Etsy is a fantastic resource for finding DIY supplies. Don’t forget about Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress as well. (Tip: FindNiche can help you identify the top suppliers for AliExpress.)
  • Local retailers. Finding affordable, high-quality materials locally is not difficult.

How much money can you actually make with it?

You have first decided that it is lucrative based on market research. Your final sales figures will determine how much money you ultimately make. However, it is impossible to disregard the effect of price strategy. Read on to find out more:

Is there room for expansion?

Trendy, in-demand goods are not infallible. The Etsy Keyword Tool would be ideal, since it allows you to generate product ideas and keyword tags, evaluate real search data, see buyer interaction, and determine the seasonality of your products.