Restaurant Theme Ideas That Will Inspire You In 2022

Photo by: Pixabay

Choosing a theme for your restaurant helps you build your brand around a particular cuisine or food and makes it easier for your customers to perceive your venture in a specific way. A well-themed restaurant just does not mean the interiors, restaurant tables, and other furniture but also the food and the ambiance you wish to impart. A well-designed restaurant with a particular theme would excel in all departments from furniture, music, tableware, decor, and others.

Choosing a theme is never an easy choice, and to figure it out, you must first have an idea of what your requirements are or what you are expecting from your brand. Keep in mind your target clientele, the kind of food you wish to serve to your clientele, the budget you have as well as the space you need. Still wondering what would be some of the cool restaurant theme ideas? Here is a list that you should not miss out on in 2022.

How About Some Fast Food?

Fast food is dear to everyone; whether you want food on the go or crave something particular, fast food can never go wrong. They have been really popular since the 1950s. Fast food is all about affordability, quick service, something different to try, and above all, extremely delicious. The fast-food concept started with big brands like Burger King or McDonald’s in the US.

Now there are so many other fast food centers around; therefore, you need something that would give your clientele something new. Remember, the cost of franchising is high for fast food, and having a big budget is important.

Fast Casual Is Trending Too

Fast-casual is the latest trend in the restaurant industry nowadays. Fast casuals are a bit exclusive and upgraded version of streetside fast food or fast-food franchises. With this kind of theme, having an open kitchen is mandatory, which allows the guest to witness every step of the cooking process. This kind of concept restaurant prefers using disposable packing and believes in protecting the environment and working towards creating a conscious society.

Family Style Restaurant

Family-style restaurants have a special feature, and that is offering a larger quantity of food at a medium price point. Family-style restaurants do not just focus on one cuisine but multiple ones and provide some unique services like an inexpensive menu with non-disposable tableware. Most of the restaurants that are family restaurants focus on cuisines like Mexican, Barbeque, American, Indian, and others.

Buffet Style

Buffet dining has been there for a long time, and a lot of customers prefer this kind of setup. Buffet restaurants are completely different from other restaurants, and here everything is self-serve where you get several dishes to enjoy. The menu is not a la carte, and it is the same for all the customers. Again, buffet restaurants also offer catering for occasions and parties.

Food Trucks

If you want something different than a brick-and-mortar restaurant, then food trucks are a huge part of the trend now. They have gained immense popularity in the US, and even setting up one is an easy process. The customers will not go to a restaurant, but you will be going to different places and making people happy with your food. With food trucks, you would require less staff. However, building a popular food truck would take some time and requires a lot of patience as well as capital to hold your fort.

Fine Dining

The opposite would be the fine dining theme. When it comes to fine dining, ambiance matters a great deal and includes well-dressed servers, three-course or five-course meals, crisp tablecloths and fancy tableware, and premium restaurant furniture, making you feel part of a luxury setting. It offers you the best features, food, ambiance, and everything else. Fine dining restaurants are some of the most expensive restaurants around and are unique concepts you could go to if you have the budget.


A cafe is another casual spot, and the concept first originated in Europe. It was later made popular in France, and now this concept of restaurant theme is popular because it caters to different clients under the same roof. Whether one wants to hang out with friends over a cup of coffee or try different cuisines, cafes offer relaxed ambiances and inexpensive food. A bistro is also a similar place that serves full meals mostly.

Pop-Up Restaurant

The hospitality industry has come up with a new trend, namely pop-up restaurants. They are not concepts from scratch, as they have been there since the 1960s. However, nowadays, pop-up restaurants turn up in unusual spaces like warehouses, garages, parks, rooftops, and factories, making them all the more popular, especially among the younger crowds.

Wrapping up, these are some of the new restaurant themes that you could go for in 2022. Having a theme-based restaurant would excite the customer and appeal to them. Try different designs and furniture ideas and give them your own unique touch.