Does ESPN Plus Worth Your Money and Time  



To succeed in today’s media landscape, brands must find innovative ways to tell their stories to their fans. This also includes new ways to distribute content. They are made available on digital platforms, which allow fans to follow their favorite teams wherever they are.

For that purpose, ESPN+ is a stand-alone service by ESPN to authenticate cable/satellite subscribers and not as an app. It is also described as the “Netflix of sports,” but with on-demand content of more than 10,000 live games a year. It means ESPN+ Australia as well as global subscribers have access to plenty of sports-related content.

Some of its highlights include exclusive games from MLB’s regular season. It also streams a selection of out-of-market Sunday NFL games from FOX and the National Football Post-season package.

But now that ESPN+ has been out for a few months is it worth your time and money? This blog will help you understand what ESPN+ is all about!

We will also discuss the positives and negatives and give you an idea of whether this service is exemplary for you.

The ESPN+ App



ESPN+ is a digital subscription-based OTT sports streaming service run by ESPN. The service launched on April 12, 2018, and includes live coverage of sports events not aired on ESPN, such as Major League Baseball, NHL, MLS, and NCAA sports events.

It also gives access to the entire archive of studio shows and original content like the 30 for 30 series and E: 60 special programs. The service is actively available in the United States, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Caribbean countries (including Bermuda).

ESPN+ is also the first direct-to-consumer product by ESPN accessible on Android TV, Amazon Fire TV devices, and ChromeCast.

Similarly, it’s available on other devices through ESPN’s website and app for smartphones. The app is also available to ESPN’s primary service subscribers on connected-TV devices.

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ESPN+ Subscription & Bundles

ESPN+ is a streaming platform designed to stream live sports, along with on-demand content like original programming, films, and exclusive series.

But it’s still a new platform, with many questions about how much ESPN+ will cost and what subscribers can expect.

Here’s a rundown of how much ESPN+ will cost:

  • The service costs $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year to subscribe. Although, you can get a free 7-day trial to test out the service before committing.
  • It is also available for $13.99 per month on the ESPN Plus/Disney Plus/Hulu in a special subscription bundle. (saving $8 if you individually subscribe to each platform)

ESPN+ Content Streaming

ESPN+ Content Streaming

ESPN+ Content Streaming

ESPN+ is an innovative service that allows users to stream live sports events and programs from ESPN. It is also a popular sports channel, with a wide viewership range covering games like soccer, basketball, baseball, and football.

It also broadcasts the ATP World Tour, Grand Slam Tennis, the X Games, and various other games. But it doesn’t offer the ability to stream ESPN in any form.

So if you have a cable/satellite subscription with ESPN but want to cut the cord, this isn’t an option for you.

ESPN+ is the streaming service from ESPN offering subscribers access to 1,000+ live sports events, including MLB, NHL, MLS, NCAA, PGA, and more. It also offers a ton of exclusive content to watch when and where you want.

Is It Worth Your Money and Time?



In the past, sports fans had to watch their favorite sports on TV or in person. Now, TV networks and sports leagues are trying to overwhelm viewers with their programming.

It can be tedious for sports fans because they have to constantly juggle which games they’d like to watch. Unfortunately, too many options have made the viewers woozy.

Notably, ESPN+ offers live sporting events, original series, and exclusive interviews. So it’s great for sports fans who can’t attend games in person or don’t want to pay for cable TV. The only issue they may have is the price; it’s available for $7.

Another caveat is that it’s only available on the ESPN app and website. So you’ll need to have an active cable subscription for its access.

But the content on ESPN+ is similar to what you find on the live feed. And it is also limited due to contract restrictions with cable companies.

Regardless of how much value ESPN+ adds, it lacks coverage over the major sporting events of the NBA and NFL. Hence, ESPN+ is in its early stages but has the potential to be a great service depending on how it grows.