How Do You Earn FIFA Points On Mobile?

FIFA points and coins are vital, especially when you play in the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) mode. These assets can be used to purchase player packs or trade item cards required to fortify your squad. You can earn FIFA points naturally playing the game, which is convenient, considering the points are used to upgrade your gaming experience. Traders also exchange FIFA points and coins for real money and vice versa. If you are looking for information on how to buy FIFA coins on mobile, you can check out the platforms we recommend. However, here are some techniques for players that want to earn FIFA points on mobile.

  1.     Playing live events

FIFA allows players to compete in live events and matches that can earn you points or coins. The more games you play, the more points you will earn. Winners of live events earn more coins, although you will receive some points just for participating in the match. If you want to earn coins faster, it is recommendable to play and win as many live events as possible. Players good at the game can choose stronger opponents that fetch you more points, instead of battling weaker teams. Remember to check how many points of coins you will earn after the successful completion of the match.

  1.     Completing daily activities and quests

Daily quests, previously known as daily objectives, offer another chance to earn organic points that won’t result in EA issues. Completing daily quests will make you a fixed number of coins, points and other rewards. You can head to the “Daily Quests” screen on your FIFA mobile and find available quest tasks that you have been assigned. Attempt to complete all the quests that have point rewards. You can also play VS Attack matches and daily warm-up games to earn more points for your reserve. Essentially, the more challenges you enter, the more points you collect.

  1.     Participating in SBCs

FIFA SBCs are the ultimate challenge within the FUT mode, so you can expect top rewards for winning any of the SBC tournaments. You can join advanced SBCs, which allow you to build the ultimate team with players from different leagues and countries. Competing in these tournaments offers a chance to win rare megapacks, lofty coins and points. However, SBCs are tough to win and will require some practice and squad building to boost your odds of winning. Nonetheless, you will still get some participation rewards you can trade for FIFA points.

  1.     Trading packs, coins and item cards

You can trade FIFA packs and item cards in the market to get FIFA coins, which you can later exchange for points. This is one of the fastest ways to get legitimate FIFA points without violating EA guidelines. Simply put up the packs and items you want to trade up for sale and wait for willing buyers, you can also find sites that accept trading FIFA coins and other assets for coins. If you are lucky, you can land free FIFA packs that you can open for free FUT points.

Using websites that sell FIFA points

The methods involved in earning FIFA coins and points can be daunting, even for seasoned players. They revolve around playing numerous matches and spending several hours on the console, which might not be practical. As such, some players resort to purchasing FIFA points and coins from EA authorized websites and sellers. This requires real money or other tradable items, such as coins and packs covered in the point above.

If this is what you are looking for, tells you how to buy FIFA points on your mobile phone, and is one of the trusted websites you can visit to get guaranteed legitimate FIFA points and coins. Such platforms allow players to get access to large amounts of FIFA points and coins for real money exchanges. You can also trade cards or FIFA coins in exchange for points and vice versa.

However, not all sellers are trustworthy and some may get you in trouble by funding your account with illegitimate coins and points. As such, it is important to review your offers carefully and choose credible, highly reputed websites. You can look up player reviews, testimonials and general opinion about the site. Make sure you examine the trading platform, transaction speed, security guarantees, market reputation and customer support before spending money or hard-earned FIFA assets.


There are several other ways you can earn FIFA points on mobile, including daily logins. EA allows players to earn points every time they interact with the game, so you can make a habit of playing a few games every day to see your coin reserve growing. If you are using coin sellers, pick EA authorized websites that can guarantee that your account will not be banned or penalized by EA.