How To Get 1000 Subscribers On YouTube



YouTube is the world’s second-largest website and the leading platform for video marketing and vlogging. There are over a billion video searches per month on the platform, and more individuals and businesses are using YouTube to reach more audiences, increase their brand awareness, market products, make money, etc. 

Whatever goals you want to accomplish on YouTube, you will need a good number of subscribers on your channel to succeed. Also, you need a minimum of 1000 subscribers before you can become eligible to monetize your YouTube account. However, growing your subscribers from 0 to 1000 isn’t an impossible goal to achieve. Follow the tips below to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube

1. Ask your audience to subscribe to your channel

Asking your viewers to subscribe to your channel at the end of your videos is a great way to increase your number of subscribers. Those who like your content will likely subscribe to get more from you. However, without a reminder, you might be missing out. Besides, you can also use a watermark or add a subscribe now image to a small area in your video. 

2. Use a compelling YouTube banner image

Your page is the first touch-point when users decide to visit your channel. It is important to make it as appealing as possible. Use a clean, eye-catchy banner image that will grab your visitors’ attention at first glance. Also, make sure the image is related to your brand’s purpose. 

3. Tell your audience what to expect in your next video

The primary reason why people subscribe to channels is to get more content from the brand. Hinting your audience about what to expect in your next video may prompt them to subscribe to your channel. 

4. Post videos regularly

Posting new videos helps you increase your retention rate and the number of subscribers on your channel. Create a timeline for releasing new content and stick to it religiously. Once your audience knows you will release more useful content, they will subscribe to the page to stay updated. However, make sure you focus more on quality rather than quantity.

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5. Entice users from other social network platforms

Share your page links and videos on other social network platforms and encourage people to check it out. More so, you can draw users from other communities to your YouTube channel by posting teaser snippets on their platform or forum. This is one of the most effective ways to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube

6. Celebrate your subscribers when you attain a milestone

Like we tend to do more when we are appreciated, thanking your subscribers when you attain a specific milestone may inspire them to support your growth and increase their loyalty to your brand. Furthermore, some of your subscribers may share your link and help you get new followers. 

7. Use keywords to optimize your videos

Researching and using keywords in your videos’ descriptions will get more organic traffic to your page. Use Google keyword planner to find out the most searched keyword in your niche and use it for your video title, description, and meta tags. 

8. Collaborate with other YouTube channels

You can partner with other channels rather than see them as competitors. Through collaboration, you can ask your audience to check your partners’ channel while your partners may also recommend your channels and videos to their audience.  

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9. Post longer videos

Longer videos are ranked higher than the shorter ones. A higher ranking means more people will view your videos, and it will increase your chances of getting more subscribers on YouTube.

10. Do giveaways

Giving out freebies will help your lure more followers to your channel. However, make sure the giveaway is something that will interest your target audience. 

Try the tips above to grow the number of subscribers on your YouTube account today!

We wish you a successful YouTubing!

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