There will be a steady increase in unemployment across the UK if the Government doesn’t get businesses back to normal.



The changes concerning the job market in the UK are unheard of and weren’t seen before. Never before have so many people not come into work while meeting their deadlines. The process of remote working, while is something that most cannot wrap their heads around, is working well for companies that can implement it. Many employers said that it is not ideal and that they felt that the productivity of their employees dropped a bit, overall, it is better than having to shut shop and have no productivity. It also keeps people safe and prevents the chances of people spreading the Coronavirus when they could pass it to one another by coming into office. Some industries cannot handle working remotely, like hospitality, construction, or mechanical tasks, and they will have to wait for the market to get closer to normal before they can begin working again. 

Other changes implemented are the regular use of masks, which is the most significant. They are also pushing for having smaller groups of people indoors, restaurants, bars and pubs, can only function at 50% of their capacity. 

Overall, while these are positive changes made, many companies, especially the small ones, are holding strong with the larger ones, still forced to let a lot of their employees go. The unemployment rate is still at 3.9% for the eighth month but predicted that there will be a massive change soon and that the numbers will significantly increase. They also believed that the UK is going to enter one of the worst recessions, unlike they have seen in the last three centuries. To balance out something like this, the Government is pushing for smaller businesses to open their doors and for people who have been indoors throughout the pandemic, to start visiting these places. 

Unfortunately, people were not too happy with the way the UK handled the pandemic in its initial stages, seeing how the number of sick was significantly increasing. The healthcare system in the

UK could not look after the number of people who were sick, and many people were not getting the help they needed. This time around, everyone preferred staying indoors and not leaving unnecessarily, to avoid catching the virus. 

Employers started handling background checks to make sure that the people who were working with them did not have any criminal records to their names. While this information was not relevant for some jobs, it was a necessity for others. Depending on the role that an individual was hired for, information about their past was significant. Most employers handled the basic DBS check, which gave them information about their employees or prospective employees. They would receive information about criminal records among may other things. Some people needed more information, and they would handle an enhanced DBS check which also provided information on whether the people behaved inappropriately among young children or older adults allowing them to make an informed decision on whether they should be hired, or not.