How to Choose a Framework for a Web Application

Choose a Framework for a Web Application

Choose a Framework for a Web Application

Web apps allow businesses to give their customers an intuitive and smooth user interface to make purchases, set appointments, browse services, and gain other information. Many businesses use mobile apps, which is a good option, but web apps are based in a browser which lets them be easily used across all platforms. Read on below for everything you’ll need to know when choosing a framework for your business’s web application.

Why is a proper framework important?

Nowadays, nearly every business has a web application. For every business from restaurants to retail stores, applications are the new way of doing business. Odds are, your competitors already have an app, so in order to get the competitive edge for your business your app needs to be streamlined, aesthetic, and highly functional. The proper framework can make your web app development process a breeze, but the wrong one can lead you down a hole of app bugs and negative customer reviews.

What should you consider when choosing a framework for your app?

When choosing a framework for your app, the most important thing to consider is how easy the framework is to use and how easy it is to update the app after its initial development. The digital world is constantly changing, so you want to be able to edit your app in the future as your business grows. It’s also important to consider the popularity of the framework, especially if you plan to hire an external developer, as you want to choose something that will be familiar to any developer who works on your app.

What are the most popular frameworks for web apps?


React.js is the most popular framework for building web applications in 2022. Developed by Facebook in 2013, React is a large JavaScript library with great features to help build a responsive and aesthetic UI.


Django is a high-quality Python framework that includes everything your business needs to build a fully functioning web app with many features. Django is trusted even by large businesses like Instagram, Spotify, and YouTube for its many abilities and ease of use. You can find an offshore Django development company to save your budget.


ASP.NET is a popular platform built on the popular C# programming language. This is a great framework to use if you or your clients favor the Windows ecosystem, and it includes over 90,000 unique features that can be easily integrated into any web application.


jQuery is a massively popular framework, used by over 41 million websites in the US, including over 80% of the top 10,000 most visited websites on the internet. jQuery is another web framework built around the JavaScript language, and can help streamline your app and website in general.


Developing a web application is a big step for your business, so your best option is to hire an mobile application development company to handle this important change for you. impltech provides excellent communication and customer service combined with industry-leading technical knowledge and experience, and they’ll make sure you’re taken care of.