Why Is mLearning So Popular?



In this modern age, people rely heavily on their smartphones. So much so that they are literally glued to their mobile screens all the time. It was only obvious that even learning solutions will eventually be accessible on our mobile devices.

Mobile learning, or mLearning, is the process of learning through content presented on a mobile device. It frees the learner from the obligation of sitting in one place to learn. Learners can acquire new skills on the go rather instead of sitting in front of their computer screen.

Amid the current crisis where people are forced to stay indoors, we have seen an uprise in the use of mobile phones since people are looking for ways to virtually connect with each other. At the same time, people are looking for ways to learn new things through their mobile phones.

This has hugely contributed to the increase in demand for mobile learning courses. For business owners, mobile learning support is now not just an optional feature to consider when it comes to employee training tools. It has become indispensable.

What makes mLearning a must-have? What makes investing in mLearning solutions a smart strategy? What motivates learners to opt for mobile phones instead of their laptops or desktop when it comes to learning? Here’s why:

  • It makes information easily accessible:

With mobile phones, learners can access content from anywhere at any time. They don’t have to be present at a specific place or time to be able to learn. Wherever the learner goes, the learning material goes along. So regardless of the kind of device you own, with mLearning ensures the content is responsive and provides a rich learning experience.

  • It makes learning convenient:

Learning becomes convenient when there is flexibility. With mLearning, learners can learn even in the absence of an internet connection. Let’s consider Absorb LMS, a popular training tool. Since it provides online as well as offline mLearning support, learners don’t miss out on anything when they are offline. Their learning progress gets synced to the LMS when they connect to the internet.

  • It is very affordable:

One of the major reasons for the popularity of mLearning is that creating and marketing a mLearning course is relatively cheaper, which saves course creators a lot of money. At the same time, learners do not need to invest in laptops or desktops which makes it affordable for them to learn from a mobile device. With multi-device support, the same content can be accessed on all kinds of devices.

  • It saves time spent on learning:

The mLearning content is developed based on microlearning principles. This means complex modules are broken down into small digestible chunks that can be consumed in shorter periods of time. This ensures learners can quickly learn a topic without having to spend hours learning. This saves a lot of time and leads to faster completion of the course.

  • It enhances the learning experience:

No two individuals can learn at the same pace, neither is their capacity of information retention similar. Since mLearning allows learners to have full control over their pace of learning, it removes the pressure associated with getting up to speed with everyone else. This leads to a more enriching learning experience for the learners where they benefit immensely from the content.


Our mobile phones are an indispensable part of our life, so it makes perfect sense to learn on our phones. This makes mLearning a smart strategy for course creators as well as learners. When combined with gamification features like quizzes, reward points, and badges, mLearning becomes more engaging and powerful.