Simple ways to improve your website



Many things play a key role in the ranking of a site. Google ranks a site based on the content as well as the choice of keywords.

The other thing based on which google ranks a site above or below is the beauty of the site also known as a good web design.

Those who are affiliated with web development know the importance of a website design in increasing the number of traffic on a website.

There are many reasons why a good web design is very important for your business growth so if you are looking for you can find many eligible web designers for a good web design in Port Macquarie that will insert life into your website.

But before you choose a web designer you must look at his previous projects and so you can select the best website design Port Macquarie.

The most compulsory things in a website design are its mobile optimization as well as the loading speed of the website and so on. Let’s discuss some of them one by one.

Mobile optimization is a must thing!

The websites must look as good as they look on the website these days. The reason behind that is that the number of users that open websites on the mobile is more than the desktop users.

We all know that no one carries a laptop all the time to surf the internet. Most of the people have mobiles and they use them to access the internet.

So that means that almost half or more of the traffic on your site will be mobile users so the website must look beautiful and should be responsive.

Google prefers responsive sites over sites that are designed specifically only for desktops.

A couple of years ago Google’s mobile-first index announced that the mobile version of a website will be used to decide the ranking of a website on the webpage.

Soon the number of internet users of android mobiles will increase more rapidly so the best thing is to design a mobile-friendly website.

The speed at which website loads

The loading speed of the website also plays a vital role in increasing the traffic or decreasing the traffic on your website.

The users are extremely annoyed by the website that takes a lot of time to load. The majority of the users that are surfing the internet are looking for data.

They are very busy so if a website takes too much time, they will simply close it even before it fully loads.

The website loading time can be improved by optimizing the data on the site like images and videos etc.

Images must be high-definition on site

The images are the first thing that the user notices as soon as he loads the website. So, if images with good quality and resolution are used, they will improve the credibility of the site.

But if low-quality images are used, they will leave a bad impact on the website. So the choice of images is very important.

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