What Is Torrent? How Does It Work?

What Is Torrent?

What Is Torrent?

Here is something that many people have been using via the internet but are not aware of. When you download music, a movie – or any file which is free of cost, as a matter of fact – then you are most likely doing it through a torrent. The torrent is an internet element that allows you to download and access unlimited content without paying the price for it. Over the entire globe, torrents handle most of the traffic that websites face and play a part in people’s internet content. On phones, PC, laptops, tablets, almost every person has a torrent that works behind the scenes to download files and find their locations.

Rather than having the file’s data you wish to download, a torrent avails the location of where the data lives. It gives you multiple options from which you can choose, depending on what server you seem to be the safest. It breaks large files into smaller bits of information, allowing you to download those files with more ease and user-friendly means into your computer or device. The basic idea of torrent can be applied on a day to day life, but to fully yield its uses, there is a need for a deeper understanding of its works.

What does KickassTorrent avail?

The main purpose of torrent is to lead you to where the information you need is stored. And by doing that, it makes it easier for you to download those files. By availing small bits of data that contain much larger files, a torrent offers its client to contain enormous sizes of data in one place. For example, when you wish to download a movie – it can get difficult to find the exact file for it and download it immediately; through a Kickass Torrent, you get the link to where you can find the movie and choose to either watch it the right way, download the movie, or store the torrent for later use. It offers various uses at one-stop and gives you the options to choose from depending on your convenience.

A file containing torrent is no bigger than a few kilobytes, which is much smaller than content such as movie, music, books, or more as such. Therefore, it helps save you a lot of space and allows you to find many links of data without wasting your device’s space. It also helps transfer one file from one server to another; with the Kickass torrents and its broken pieces of one large file, it becomes much easier to transfer the file you need from device to device – or even keep it in multiple devices at the same time. The P2P or BitTorrents network through which a Kickasstorrents shares files helps in communicating the information without hassle.

How does torrents work?

For storing files, a lot of systems have a centralized server. But with Kickasstorrents, having one main dedicated server is not important – you can transfer or store files in small bits of data, which in turn contain large files that you can access with ease. In this torrents system, data of a large file is broken into small pieces of information that are saved in peers (involved computers) that is kept in a swarm (network) that helps make the sharing of file a simple process.

With a communication protocol of P2P such as BitTorrents that constitutes your torrents client, the needed files are broken into pieces and transferred from the seeders (where it has been uploaded) to the leechers (where it is being downloaded). The torrent clients avails the feature of reading the contents of the file and connecting the seeders and leechers for the exchange of information and data. The entire process of downloading and uploading files becomes much easier and simple with the torrent’s services.

When the main server receives a lot of traffic by directly using it, a torrent helps break the large file and allow the leechers to download it without causing more hindrance to the traffic and assessing the files without facing obstacles. Adding to this, it also helps track the location of the file and take you exactly where you will find what you need. Without the intervening of a central server, the torrent always stays fast and gives you results immediately. This is why torrent has been sought for whenever there is a need to download or upload files or extract important information whose location is unknown.

Benefits of Torrent

  • It eliminates the need to download directly from the main server and takes you to the exact location where you will find the file you are looking for
  • Without the central server, there is better security and a safer environment for downloading files; moreover, as it constitutes a peer to peer protocol communication
  • One of its best benefits is that even if the torrent stops downloading your file due to any reason, you can resume the download process when the problem seizes without having to start or download the torrent from square one
  • As an extension to the lack of a decentralized server system, the speed with which you can download information is also relatively much faster and with much less traffic
  • Most of the torrent clients maintain a secure environment for downloading and eliminate the corrupted files


  1. Are torrent files illegal?

Answer: No, torrents are not illegal in their original form. But it can be deemed illegal if it is used to download copyrighted items. Inherently, torrents are completely safe and legal.

  1. Should I be using VPN to use torrent? 

Answer: VPNs are mostly used to protect yourself from cyber-attacks or maintain your anonymity – therefore, it is unnecessary to use a VPN, but it’s a personal choice.

  1. Is it safe to download from torrent?

Answer: Most torrents avail a corrupt-free system to download files from and keep a secure environment. As long as you have the information on where you are downloading from, it is safe to use torrent to extract files.

Final thoughts!

Torrents have multiple benefits and user-friendly features. They help in shortening the path to downloading and transferring data or files. It has become a must-have in almost all devices for everyone who wishes to enjoy the internet’s contents free of cost. When you know how a torrent works and read on its origin, you know that it is safe to download from and much easier than any other means of the information source.