The ultimate guide to Instagram influencer marketing

ultimate guide to Instagram influencer marketing

ultimate guide to Instagram influencer marketing

There’s a big chance you might have come across any influencer post if you’ve given even a few moments to Instagram. And Instagram is the best performing social platform for brands to get to new audiences quickly when it is about influencer marketing.  This platform is also the most reliable channel for social action, with an average of 3.2% engagement rate linked to 1.5% across all the social networks. Instagram users are likely to like, comment, and share on the content they see.

Instagram influencer marketing can remove traditional advertising barriers as the customers are introduced to the brand from a very trusted source on a casual, authentic Instagram platform. When influencers recommend a service or product on the channels, they will come across a trusted recommendation through a friend. This one is hugely advantageous to many brands as it can give them direct access to the target markets.

By partnering with the relevant influencers who hold an authentic and engaging voice, the business is placed in front of people interested in the niche, making it easier to make a lasting, real impression. Authenticity is the key. When influencers are consistent with a market, for instance, vegan workout supplements or cruelty-free cosmetics, the followers can hold the influencer as an authority on the topic. Some even buy instagram followers to achieve this feat. They will grow to trust and be led by the recommendations.

How Much Does Instagram Influencer Marketing Cost?

This one of the industry’s most important questions, and it is all about who you want to partner with and the project size. In the starting days of influencer marketing, rising social stars would take on the brand partnerships in trade for the free product.

But for most, the days are far away. While many micro-influencers are still willing to exchange free products for the promotion space on the profile, today’s largest Instagram influencers charge lots of money to make posts for brands as the accounts are now the primary source of income. Some influencers report charging around $5,000 to $10,000 for each sponsored post.

Why should we use Instagram for Influencer Marketing?

Firstly, you need to ensure that the kind of campaign can yield the aspired results. You already know that influencer marketing is effective. So, now you have to determine if executing the campaign on Instagram is the best option.

Massive Reach

Instagram is among the most popular social media platforms around the world. According to a Research Center, this is the second most successful social media platform following Facebook. The report has found that 32% of the internet users in the U.S. have accounts on Instagram.

High Engagement Rate

Instagram is the most engaging social media platform. According to one study, Instagram notices the most average interactions every post per 1,000 followers. The engagement ratio is 29.67 on the forum, while Facebook views 16.54 moderate interactions per post every 1,000 followers.

Influencers’ Choice

Instagram is also an excellent platform for executing the influencer marketing campaign as influencers prefer that. After contacting 2,500 micro-influencers, it is found that Instagram is the most selected platform. Fifty-nine percent of them say that it is the most effective platform to engage the target audience.

Getting the top influencers is one of the most challenging steps in influencer marketing. You have to be clear about what you’ll be looking for in any influencer if you want to overcome the challenge.

The influencers you choose must be relevant to the campaign and brand. They should hold the vital reach required depending on the campaign goals. Once you define your ideal influencer, it will be easier to narrow down the best influencers for your brand from a list of potential influencers. Here are some tips for finding potential influencers.

  1. Search for branded hashtags

Looking for influencers who are creating content about the brand and are avid followers of yours is the initial step to finding the best followers. Then search using the branded hashtag so you may find the relevant content created about the products. Finally, check for the users who have made the posts to search for possible influencers.

  1. Search for relevant hashtags

If you do not get satisfied with the tactic results or are not the established brand, search for any relevant hashtags. Examine the effects and the accounts of users who have produced the content that is appealing to you.

For instance, you are a brand that needs to promote a new line of ingredients. In cases like that, you would be working with food influencers who can cook and implement the recipes.

  1. Use the right tools.

The use of influencer marketing tools for simplifying the search is among the best ways to discover the correct influencer. The devices can enable you to receive a list of potential influencers based on the relevant category or keyword.

How to track the success of your Instagram Influencer marketing strategy

It is among the most critical questions requested by businesses getting started with Instagram influencer marketing. To acquire an efficient influencer marketing strategy for the company, understand the way influencer marketing campaigns are performing.

According to research, 79% of the businesses measure the success of the sponsored posts by the amount of engagement they receive. As more companies realize Instagram’s capacity as a customer and sales discovery platform, the influencer marketing campaigns’ focus will change. Options like buy instagram likes and followers is still an option.

It will indeed reflect the way businesses are tracking the success of their Instagram influencer marketing. While engagement got before, companies will focus on the bottom goals such as conversions, sales, and traffic in the coming years.

Final Words:

After executing the campaign, don’t forget to track the progress and see what results the influencers can drive. Getting a unique discount code or custom URL for every influencer will make it easier to track the campaign’s performance. Based on the analysis of the campaign results, you can make improvements and changes as required.