What Are No-code Automation Tools?

What Are No-code Automation Tools?

What Are No-code Automation Tools?

No-code tools are becoming popular due to a set of important advantages: the convenience of working with them, no need to hire a technical employee to integrate new software solutions, and the possibility to solve complex tasks without writing a single line of code. The essential difference is precisely that similar software solutions require the user to be technically savvy to understand how to properly integrate services with other products that the business already uses.

The airSlate service is a great example of a no code workflow automation. So let’s see how it works. The service specializes in convenient and progressive solutions for effective digital document management and also provides many tools to edit documents and automate repetitive processes. But first, let’s try to understand the terminology.

Automation tools for creating workflow visualizations

Visualization of work processes is an integral part of planning, data exchange, and communication between different departments of the company. It is needed to improve the productivity of the company due to the optimization of business processes. Until recently, creating a visualization was impossible without the help of specialists, but now, you can do everything yourself using convenient and intuitive tools.

Continuing to consider no code workflow automation tools, we need to divide the entire range of possibilities provided by airSlate into key options:


To provide a clear idea of ​​the peculiarities of the work process, it is necessary to develop a schematic concept. This draft can be improved, but having a rough outline will make it easier for you to maintain consistency and a clear structure.


Use airSlate’s convenient tools to present information about work processes in the form of clear and useful flowcharts or logical chains, tables, charts, and graphs. You can even add multimedia elements to relevant sections. All you have to do is drag and drop.


Although every company is unique and has a different history, internal processes, reporting, document flow, and other organizational things happen similarly. Sometimes, it happens in accordance with established general rules. And since digital documentation has similar elements, the airSlate service allows you to use this to your advantage.

In airSlate’s arsenal, you will find tools and templates that simplify the execution of similar tasks. Therefore, when you create a workflow visualization, you can also use ready-made templates, editing them according to your reality and specific figures. You can also use ready-made bots to automate certain decisions or even write your own. At the same time, you do not need to hire a separate employee or understand programming languages ​​yourself: all these operations are also performed automatically, easily, and quickly. Just a few clicks — and you reach your goal!

The most exited thing is that to integrate such a technical solution into your business routine, you just need access to the web service. This can be done both from a desktop and from any mobile device.

What are workflow diagrams, and why does your company need them?

Visualization of work processes is a graphical representation of the process of performing certain tasks from the beginning to the moment of completion. Also, such a scheme can include additional elements and links to more detailed information. It is because the basic scheme uses standardized forms and symbols so that less important elements do not interfere with the perception and understanding of the most important aspects at a glance.

With the help of such schemes, the company gets a great opportunity to identify problem areas in its operations and correct the situation before it becomes critical. Some things become obvious, which is the reason for reformatting the internal processes in such a way that it leads to new working conditions and to the growth of the company’s profits. Why does this happen?

  • Workflow visualization gives a clear idea of ​​what work is being done and how much time is needed to cope with each task.
  • What path does the task take from the manager to the immediate executor, and are there too many redundant links? Sometimes, there are too few executors, and certain work passes through the hands of secretaries and managers many times, which slows down, reduces productivity, increases expenses, and impairs the communication system. However, without visualization, such things often remain hidden and not obvious.
  • Who is responsible and for which tasks is also visible thanks to the visualization of work processes.

Therefore, you get a real opportunity to look at your company from the side and even from the inside, identify critical areas, and solve complex tasks in the simplest way.

Visualization isn’t the only thing you can do with airSlate. The airSlate service is known for offering an all-in-one solution. A subscription to the service provides a set of the most necessary tools and gives you the opportunities to lead your company to new perspectives and growth points.