HUAWEI Developer Experts



HUAWEI Developer Experts of HDE is a program designed to recognize expert individuals around the globe. This program is created to bring in lots of people who have the potential and thoughts of leaders for HUAWEI technologies.

Later, the professionals are expected to share the latest innovative technologies, promote technological novelties at a global scale, and commit to the development of the developer ecosystem around the world.

Responsibility of an HDE

Becoming an HDE could be the dream of many people around the world, especially those who plan to make their developer skill a professional activity.

Thought leader

As a professional developer expert, you are trained to be a thought leader. There would be tons of discussion groups, and you must deliver speeches on it as well as at summits. Those things are necessary to help global developers understand more about the objective capabilities of Huawei.

Other than that, publishing articles online would be another job definition for a developer expert in Huawei. Those articles have to be relevant after all, and if you think you have this capability, be sure to apply.

Technical communication

A developer expert of Huawei also needs to master technical communication. The primary task is to respond to both online and offline developer questions, administer technical guidance, and share relevant technology to global developers.

It is necessary for a Huawei developer expert to actively share up-to-date technology innovations. Being in one of the high positions requires dedication. Also, knowledge is everywhere, even when you are doing discussion sessions with friends and colleagues.

Course development

Another thing that an HDE must do is to develop and conduct courses. The courses have to be relevant to the expertise domain. The purpose of the course development to improve global developers’ competence.

Besides, competency and innovation are two important things when working in the industry of technologies. Here, you will also meet tons of new people with whom you can share and pass information from one to another.

Why should you join HDE?

Being part of Huawei developer experts is one of the best things you can choose – it is always your choice. Every expert in Huawei will accept an official HDE certificate. Other than that, you will have your public profile on the website of the program.

Everybody creates their brands nowadays. Being a developer expert in Huawei allows you to promote your brand by incorporating the official channels. Your achievements and contributions are published on the website. Increasing your influence and branding won’t be an issue at all.

You are putting yourself in a circle where the people share knowledge, thoughts, and practices on the platform. Networking is one of the benefits you will get from being a developer expert.

Also, as an expert, you have the opportunity to join industry conferences around the world. This opportunity allows you to upgrade your knowledge related to your job desk and further networking. Besides, Huawei-led events will put you on the priority list.

There is no reason to not apply for the HDE position.