All You Need To Know Mobile Development

Mobile apps

Mobile apps

Definition of mobile development.

Mobile development is all about apps and mobile surfing. As a mobile developer, you ensure that websites are displayed correctly not only on the desktop but also on devices such as smartphones and tablets. The front-end tools are the User interface (UI) and the User experience (UX). A new approach of Android UI testing based on computer vision and machine learning. That is the first Android no-code testing platform. After the application development, it is tested for usability, authentication, reliability, responsiveness, and service before being finalized. On the other hand, you develop and optimize apps for iPhone and Co., which users can download directly to their mobile device. On the other hand, you develop and optimize apps for iPhone and Co., which users can download directly to their mobile device.

Not only must certain technical requirements such as APIs or device orientation be met, but also usability: on the small display of a smartphone, for example, the content of a page must be slimmed down so that it is digestible for the user, and apps must be intuitive, be fast and run smoothly. As you can see, as a mobile developer you have to think in a new direction compared to software developers or other IT professionals – and you are extremely future-oriented because the app market is booming, as well as HUAWEI FIDO Kit helps your app to integrate the fingerprint and 3D facial sign-in seamlessly, allowing Huawei mobile users to skip the step of complex authentication or identity verification procedures while avoiding password risks as well.

Requirements for a career in mobile development.

There are various ways to get started with mobile development. Whether you have completed an apprenticeship as a software developer, a degree in computer science, media informatics, or web design is secondary – it is important that you can program and have a lot of motivation to think your way around the mobile world. If you have a bachelor’s degree, you are on the safe side on paper and have a good chance of being invited to an interview with IT companies. The basic requirement is a deep technical understanding and the passion to get into things.

To be successful as a mobile developer, you should also have the following skills:

  • HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Programming languages ​​like C and Java
  • Backend connection
  • Web design to assess the user experience
  • English to read specialist literature
  • Math for a logical-abstract thinking ability

In addition to your technical knowledge, soft skills also count:

  • Teamwork
  • Communication skills
  • Quick grasp
  • Resilience
  • creativity
  • Lust for lifelong learning
  • Quality awareness

As with many IT professions, the following basically applies: practical experience is decisive and can compensate for a lack of professional experience, especially when starting a career – also when it comes to IT salaries.

The employer in the field of mobile development

Application guide for computer scientists.

Here you will find all the information you need for a successful career starts in the IT industry.

Career entry in mobile development: example Accenture.

Do you want to become a data nerd, design legend, creative mind, tech expert, or marketing rebel? Best of all: a little bit of everything? Then you are in good hands with Accenture. As part of the interactive team, you create the most impressive customer experiences on the planet – because you are a creative agency, management consultancy, and technology center in one.

The portfolio of services in mobile development at Accenture includes design, marketing, content and commerce. So your daily work includes a little bit of everything: you design and deliver innovative strategies and digital products or create personalized shopping experiences by influencing purchasing decisions with digital sales, customer service and end-commerce solutions. In addition, you will navigate companies through digital channels and develop customer-centric campaigns that strengthen brand and customer relationships and increase purchasing figures.

If you want to rethink customer experience, you have to constantly reinvent yourself. But the dynamic, creative, international and diverse Accenture community of over 4,000 employees in more than 40 countries should give you enough impetus to do so. Your professional and personal development is particularly important to the company. There are five regional learning centers, networked course rooms, online courses and learning portals in which you can continue your education on a regular basis.

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Your areas of responsibility as a mobile developer.

Typical tasks for a mobile developer are:

  • Conception, development and programming of apps for iOS, Android or Windows
  • Optimization of websites for different devices
  • Responsive web design
  • Analysis of functional and non-functional requirements
  • Quality assurance, documentation and release management
  • Development of high-performance solutions and optimization and further development of apps

Your day-to-day work doesn’t just consist of sitting behind the computer. You also talk through individual functions with your colleagues or customers – because not everything that looks nice will work. So you have to work very well-founded and considered and be able to put yourself in the shoes of the mobile user. You will work for hand in hand with desktop developers and marketing.

Your career opportunities.

Mobile development is developing at a rapid pace, so you can work out good career opportunities. As you gain experience, you can quickly take on responsibility and work as a project manager. With a few years of professional experience, you can also take on personnel responsibility, which also increases your salary. By the way: In large companies, as an IT professional, you have the option of becoming part of the upper management as a CIO or CTO.

New apps are springing up every day, some of which go through the roof. This opens up the possibility of independence for you: Now is the time for it. If you decide to do this, remember that a good idea and IT skills are not enough; you need a well-founded business plan, a marketing concept, and a lot of time. You also have to be aware that the competition is fierce and many apps are disappearing as quickly as they were launched.