How to Recover Information from Lost or Damaged Partition(solutions of data loss)

With the advancement of technology, there is a verity of the source or devices are available where you can store data. Here the question comes in mind is your data is safe in these devices or not. Moreover, you know that information is more important than money. So if you are facing hacking and now you are served ing how I secure my data? What are the best ways and techniques to securing your data then you are at the right place? In this article, we tell you how to recover information from lost or damaged partition. Moreover, we also explain what the solution to data loss is. The technique and methods of securing your data are as follow :


If you want to secure your USB data, you need to save your USB from kicking and falling. Moreover, other precautionary measures are don’t expose your USB to humidity and extreme temperature. Besides, you need to avoid unplugging the drive when you read or write the information. However, if you are disconnecting the falls media incorrectly, then losing your data is maximum. To insert and remove the USB flash safely.


If you want to recover the lost files, then follow the below mention steps.

1- Run CHKDSK Scan

As the USB drive partition is altered, your drive RAW because of virus and malware. Then you need to start the and run CHKDSK scan. The step s are as follow:

  • Firstly open the command prompt as an administrator.
  • The next step is to type the CHKDSK /r /f X.Then you need to click on the entre button.
  • Finally, detach the USB. After disconnecting, reconnect the USB drive for getting access to the purpose entirely.

2- Run CMD to Recover Deleted USB Drive Partition

With the help of CMD, you will cancel dispart clean. If you want to use, then follow below mention steps.

  • To open the running window, press the two keys together window+R, here the MSC, and click on the ok button. By this way, you can open the disk management.
  • Secondly, you need to find the desired partition and remember the size of the cell.
  • In the third step, you need to input the cmd in the search section and running the administrator. Now typing the disk-part there and click on the button of enter.
  • Now select the deleted disk and assign a letter to it.
  • Finally, you are present in the window and check if the disk part has canceled delete partition.

In conclusion, we can say that if your data is lost and you want to recover information from lost or damaged partition, then follow the method mentioned above or procedure. These are easy and straightforward methods for recovering or restoring the lost data. So follow these techniques and save your precious data.