Latest Content Marketing Strategies to Adopt in 2020

Content Marketing Strategies

Content Marketing Strategies

With the introduction of cookie-blocking technology on Firefox and Apple-based platforms, it is only a matter of time till ad targeting becomes completely obsolete. Plus, since more and more countries around the world are implementing harsher privacy regulations, advertising on the World Wide Web is on its way to undergo a complete change.

Due to such revolutionizing alterations, firms across the globe have shifted their focus from paid advertising to content marketing. A survey conducted by Demand Metric found that nearly 70% of the audience prefers learning about a company from a blog or an article, rather than seeing a traditional display ad about it.

As these trends will continue to rise in the future, in 2020, you must have a robust content marketing strategy in place for your business. But you must be careful when promoting your business identity as it may backfire.

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Here are the top four strategies which, when adopted, would ensure that your brand is visible to your target audience in the most cost-effective way:

#1. Podcasts

A study conducted by Demand Gen Report revealed that nearly 64% of the B2B responders find podcasts extremely useful for earlier stages of customer acquisitions. Podcasts can grasp the attention of consumers. Therefore, it can play a crucial role in enhancing your conversions.

The reason behind the success of podcasts is simple- they are informative and entertaining for people who are always on the go. Hence, a podcast would be a significant addition to your business’s content marketing strategy.

#2. Live video streams

Today, nearly 3.6 billion people have a presence on social media. Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook offer the facility of live streaming, in which an individual can interact with his/her audience directly in real-time. This presents a golden opportunity for businesses.

Several of the top digital marketing experts remark that live streaming is a vital component of content marketing because it adds the human factor to a business. When a representative from your business holds live Q&A sessions, your audience would get to know that you are much more than just a business name.

#3. Featured google snippets

When you google a question, an answer comes out on the top of the results page in a rectangular box. That is known as a featured Google snippet, and it is what all businesses aspire for their published content.

The reason behind its popularity is that nearly 25-30% of the total audience clicks on the result that has a featured snippet. It’s a cost-effective way to promote the content of your website. To get your snippet featured, you can make use of factual information and relevant keywords.

#4. Voice search

Voice search is amongst the hottest content marketing strategies of 2020. Today, people no longer want to type, and hence they have shifted their attention to voice search. Even search engines have adapted their algorithms to suit the various aspects of voice search.

To optimize your content for voice search, you could use long tail keywords. Moreover, you could also make questions as titles for your content. But the best way to make sure that your content is voice search friendly is by reading it out loud and ensuring it is easy to read.

The bottom line is that content marketing is the most effective way for brands to communicate their message. It allows businesses to build strong relationships with their customers and makes sure that the marketing efforts get channeled in the direction that yields fruitful results.

Once you adopt and implement these four content marketing strategies with a suitable budget for digital marketing, you would notice that your conversions have gone up, and your reach has amplified.