How does Transactional Net Promoter Score Quantity Feedback?

Interaction of the customers in the form of feedback means a lot to the company or brand. The interaction with the brand depicts the satisfactory and loyalty level of the customers. If you are purchasing something from the shopping brand and, in return, give a rating or score according to the company’s services, it would either make a positive or negative impression according to the scoring.

What do you know about the Transactional Net Promoter Score?

Transactional Survey is the process of surveying your customer after the successful customers’ interaction with the company in a transaction. This form of transaction is also called a touchpoint. The survey is taken by the concept of scoring called Net promoter score, and therefore, this survey is also called Transactional Net Promoter Score

The transactional survey directly receives customers’ feedback after the successful transaction from the brand. The customers’ feedback tells about the satisfaction in buying the products from the company. It may be negative feedback or positive feedback, but it always helps the enterprise improve its services, features and products.

Use of Net Promoter Score

The survey uses the concept of Net Promoter Score to capture the customers’ feedback in terms of scoring. Net promoter score depicts the brand quality, satisfaction level and loyalty. If customers give a low range score as a net promoter score, it means that the brand must improve its quality, services, and products’ features. Bain and Its Company developed the concept of the Net Promoter Score question in 2003. It’s the methodology to check whether your customers are promoters or detractors. High scoring indicates that your customers are satisfied with your products and are happy to interact with your brand services.

How can you get a Net Promoter Score?

It’s simple to obtain a net promoter score from the customers’ feedback. There are usually three categories of different score ranges. These include:

  1. Promoters

The score range consists of 9 and 10 numbers that indicate that customers are the promoters and are fully satisfied with the companies’ services and products.

  1. Passives 

The range of 7 and 8 is called passives and indicates that the customers are satisfied but are not happy about the companies’ services.

  1. Detractors 

The range from 0 to 8 falls in the Detractors category and indicates that the customers are not happy and not satisfied with its services and the products.

After getting all the scoring points from the customers’ feedback, it’s easy to extract the net promoter score.  It can be calculated by taking the difference between %Promoters and %Detractors.

              %Promoters   –    %Detractors    = Net Promoter Score

Importance of Transactional Survey 

It’s essential to know what your customers want from you and their thoughts and views about its services. The survey is the best methodology to understand the customers’ behavior, attitude and attractions towards the company or the brand. For example, suppose someone purchases a product from your brand and negatively scores your products. In that case, you can quickly check the company’s quality and performance and, according to the transactional survey, can build a robust strategy.

The survey is usually taken when someone purchases the product from the brand. It is asked to give satisfactory results and brand loyalty scores as a result of touchpoint interaction. Results of a transactional survey can be segmented by purchase data, store location, or even customer data, helping you fine tune your Net Promoter Score.