Guide on how an SEO company can help your business



Starting or managing a business – be it small or large can be uncharted territory for those who are not digitally savvy in today’s day and age. Especially after the pandemic when most businesses are adapting themselves to the online space and e-commerce ways, the list of marketing requirements is high and demanding. Digital marketing is one of the must-have strategies in your business plan if you want to succeed in an increasingly competitive and cluttered marketplace of the 21st century – the internet. And one of the basic pillars of building a digital marketing strategy for your online business is SEO – or Search Engine Optimisation.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the process of increasing both the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through organic search results across different search engines. It is an affordable and effective way to direct the masses to your website by targeting customers who are actively seeking the products or services you are providing.

Why do you need an SEO company?

SEO is not a magical product that you can understand overnight. It is a scientific process that requires specialist knowledge. You need an SEO company like that understands exactly what your business is about, the objective of its marketing, and which target demographic is seeking out your product or service. It is a continuously evolving process that requires figuring out human patterns and trends, as well as potential dangers.

What can an SEO company do for you?

  • It can help you grow your bottom line: A good SEO company can help you grow the bottom line of your business by helping generate new sales opportunities if coupled correctly with factors like a visible call to action or defined contact information. However, your website needs to be able to handle the organic traffic and turn them into sales.
  • Helps you get a high-quality visitor compared to paid ads/PPC: On the internet, people don’t generally like ads, the blindness towards them is increasingly visible with the rise in installations of ad blockers. A recent statistic shows that over 70 percent of users will scroll past a paid ad, but will click without hesitation on an organic search result – as it conveys more trust than paid ads. Thus, you understand why an expert in SEO Toronto is necessary to direct more interested customers towards your website.
  • Save money on resources: If you are an online businessman and simultaneously looking to expand your business, you have to look into the process of Search Engine Optimisation. However, learning it from scratch requires spending extra time and spending on a myriad of tools and resources that you would not have the expert knowledge to maneuver. A good SEO company will take off these worries from your head and let you focus on running your business while taking care of driving organic traffic to your website.
  • They will send you monthly reports: Any good SEO expert worth their title knows that the building block of any SEO strategy are the keywords. They will determine the keywords that work for building the awareness and visibility for your business online. They would also know how to position each keyword correctly for the desired results. However, as a business owner, you must know how that process or strategy will work for you. SEO companies will send you a monthly report and audit of how their keyword positioning strategy has worked to keep you up-to-date with the process.
  • Maintenance and Fixes: SEO is a continuous and long-term process that needs timely upkeep to provide the required results. Regular search engine maintenance is required for optimization and ranking. Bug fixes are also regular and necessary upkeep that cannot be avoided. SEO companies will not only help you, direct customers, by devising and implementing a strategy, they will also help you do a regular checkup and keep your website healthy and functioning.
  • They will give you data to grow and fine-tune your business: To grow your business, you need insights to understand your customers, monitor your site traffic and set required KPIs. A good SEO company will use Google Analytics to understand page performance in your website and see if any of your site pages are struggling. Accordingly, they will set a strategy Period-over-Period or Year-over-Year to see where your business is growing or struggling. They will see which site pages are giving important conversions or which pages are high value and determine a strategy accordingly. They will also check back to see if that strategy is working or not.

Thus, you understand how important it is for a business to have a proper SEO company as an ally to grow in numbers, traffic and ranking. If you want to make a name for your product, service or brand online – then you need to know how an SEO company can help you set up the basic building blocks for your long-term and short-term digital marketing goals.