Free Tools for YouTube Beginners

Do you want to set up a channel on YouTube, but are you afraid of investing? Do you count the costs of programs and graphics, and the result successively burns out your enthusiasm? Calmly! Setting up a channel does not have to be associated with a large investment. What’s more, it may not involve any (or minimal) input, apart from your time, ideas, commitment and… patience.

To make the Internet user want to choose your video from the infinite panel of videos offered on the same theme, you have to understand the brain of YouTube, this is the very principle of YouTube referencing.


Who doesn’t want to gain free YouTube subscribers on his YouTube channel and views on his videos? No-one can deny if he gets the chance of getting free YouTube subs just using a simple app. This App is YouberUp, which is one of the best applications for the YouTube beginners and who want to make their own identity on YouTube and just started their channel. YouberUp provides a threshold to such YouTubers to exchange views to subscribers. Yes, with the help of YouberUp, you can buy subs with the coins you earn from watching other YouTuber’s videos. Sounds fun, right? Well, I personally use YouberUp and get a good result.



YouberUp is really easy to use and the interface user friendly. YouberUp basically works on the rule of subscribe4subscribe which indicated that YouberUp is not free in actual, there’s a price behind it which is, you just have to subscribe other small YouTubers. That’s it. Whenever you click on watch, you get some coins which you can redeem to buy free subscriber and views for your YouTube channel and your videos.

Keywords – where to find? 

Are you looking for tools to search for the most popular keywords from Google, YouTube etc? Start with … Google search engines. The Keyword Tool is a great alternative to the Keyword Planner. The tool shows the suggestions suggested by the Google search engine. You don’t even need to create an account to use this tool. The Keyword Tool shows keywords from Google, YouTube, Bing, eBay, Amazon, eBay, Google Play and Instagram. You can analyze keywords in different languages.

Free art software



No, you don’t have to outsource your designs to a graphic designer, let alone hire him. You know why? Because you will become one yourself. Thanks to free and easy-to-use programs, you will become a super-graphic artist yourself. My favorite graphic designer is canva. It is an online program that allows you to create graphics both on social media and other projects, e.g. presentations, leaflets, brochures, banners, etc. With canva you can design a logo and a background image for YouTube. Then create thumbnails and graphics for your videos. The program offers a wide range of templates, elements, photos, stickers, text etc. Anyway, there’s nothing to talk about here. Have a look.

To use canva you need to sign up with Gmail or Facebook. Have you signed up? Great, here we go! Just click “Create Project” and choose the option you are interested in.  With an attractive thumbnail, free YouTube views can be gained.

Video Editing Tools

Unless you’re uploading a video shot on your smartphone as it is, you’ll need some kind of video editing tool to turn such a shredded one-shot into a decent video. There are many high-performance tools, but you can do basic work with the editing tools built into YouTube, and you don’t need to download the software. You don’t even have to create a video library locally. You can upload the video “privately” to YouTube, cut off unnecessary parts, or combine multiple videos into one. Learn how to cut videos, combine multiple videos, add subtitles and music, and do some customization.