How to Remove Stickers off Various Surfaces



Stickers work as memoirs to our childhood. Those smileys, princesses and beautiful cars were part of our every day using gadgets like a freezer, LEDs, microwave and many other wooden cabinets which were decorated. Now it’s the time to be mature and make our usable clean and shiny. Maybe it will become a severe duty because of the stickers residue lefts on the surface with dark signs. 

But don’t worry, we’re going to cover some quick and tricky tips today, or you can check out StickerYou for more tips about how to remove stickers. They’re easy to follow and inexpensive, you can do it at home without any professional advice. So let’s start with that;

1. Hairdryer

It is the best technique that is often adopted by professionals. Yet their devices are a bit different from a hairdryer. But the fundamental science behind its use is heat. Heat can be used to keep stickers firmly on metal surfaces. It can also remove stickers by giving them heat.

So use a hairdryer in such a way as to turn it on quicker. Now keep it on the sticker forehead, and within a few seconds, the sticker will be removed. Hairdryers are available at any home, so no extra cost is needed.

2. Using pencil eraser

This is an old method, but it works to extract sticker glue. When we plucked the sticker from the surface, it left a glue mark that seemed very dirty. You can rub the eraser in that space and remove the glue from that surface. Often we need custom stickers for business purposes. So if you need too, check out our custom stickers for yourself.

3. WD-40

WD-40 is a spray containing a solution specifically formulated to remove tough stains and stickers along with their adhesive. It’s a slim nozzle pipe that can hit the most challenging corners to clear dirty spots quickly. Even if you shake and spray it on a sticker, the sticker can be removed easily within 5 minutes. It is a multipurpose cleaning formula that you can use for other items as well.

4. Nail polish remover

There are so many liquid solutions that could be used to remove stickers. And their output can also differ depending on the surface. Nail polisher is effective in removing hard stickers from aluminium, metal and concrete steel surfaces. It will also remove the glue along with the stickers. So it will be the easiest trick to use nail polisher.

Often in a rush, we’re placing our business stickers on every surface. You can remove those stickers with this too, or you can use alcohol to rub. But if you need more custom business stickers than you can see the full list on

5. steel shaving blade

Steel shaving blades are the cheapest and most effective way of removing stickers. But it may leave scratches on the surface. Use it carefully according to the form of surface. It is useful for the production of stainless steel and bare aluminium. All you have to do is collide your shaving blade against the sticker. It’s going to eliminate it thoroughly.

Here’s another trick that will shield your surface from scratches. You have to put your blade under one corner of the sticker in this process. Now start driving the blade forward. It will erase the stickers without leaving a single mark.

6. Petroleum jelly 

Petroleum jelly is used to smooth our skin during the winters. There are numerous applications, such as minimising the sound of a wooden door and tough stains on clothing. Simultaneously, it could be used to erase stickers. It’s softness capacity, and the consistency of the petroleum will easily remove stickers within 3 minutes. Only apply a small amount of petroleum jelly over and around the sticker. Wait for 3 minutes, and it will be removed quickly without leaving a single mark.

7.  White Vinegar 

White Vinegar is useful in removing fabric stains and other uses. It may also be used for the eradication of stickers. Nothing unique needs to be achieved. Only have a little cotton cloth and a third half lid of white Vinegar. Pour over the sticker and cover with a cotton sheet. After 20 minutes, rub the fabric once, and the sticker disappears.

Final verdict 

There are a lot of small concerns that can reach out to primary and challenging problems. The removal of stickers is one of these problems. So follow all these methods according to your type of surface and enjoy your furnished items and furniture.