Applicant Tracking System: What is It Useful for?

Applicant Tracking System: What is It Useful for?

Applicant Tracking System: What is It Useful for?

Technology is advancing at a quick pace and if you are not making the most of it, you may be lacking behind too. You need to work on the technology means that work in your favor and help your business advance. Now, do you know that daily recruiters are packed with hundreds of resumes for different types of jobs advertised. Now, they have this massive responsibility of picking the right top talent for the firm and the correct company for the applicant.

You would agree that it is virtually impossible for recruiters to scan every single resume manually and then shortlist them. This is where the tool of Applicant Tracking System  can be of great help.  You know as the task of a recruitment agency is two folds, to accelerate the entire process of finding and recruiting the right talent and to ensure the hired candidate and picked company makes the finest fit.

What are the benefits of using this APT system?

There are many benefits of using this system in your organization and a few are like:

Saves Time for Value Added tasks

The main benefit of automated Applicant Tracking tool is that it saves so much time when you compare it with conventional application processing and recruiting procedure. Normal of seventy-five-eighty eight percent of resumes that recruiters get is not qualified for the job. Here, by removing the manual posting and listing on different job boards, then sifting out the irrelevant applications, such a whole procedure is done in simply a matter of seconds instead of spending hours on it by a resume analyzer. So, don’t you feel that your team can save a lot of time when you have this tool in hand?

You get Flexible working For Both Employer And agency

Recruitment agencies clearly get a lot by using an Applicant tracking tool . However, even for that of the client, this is a blessing because the short listings, interview feedback and all other co-ordinations may get flawlessly handled online. just think about the efficiency improvements in case you do not need to deal with massive emails, excel sheets and even remember any sort of notes, appointments and so on. It is all now handled on a single powerful platform.

Relish a Better Overview of Applications

Once you have all the documents in the applicant tracking tool , you get all the details you require in one location. You can conveniently switch between apps, compare different candidates, alter the candidate status, pick candidates, and even that of scan candidates without leaving the program. In order, you eradicate the danger of a submission getting missed or trapped on a team member’s table, so you are going to be aware of any repeat applications. Various ATS also have a simple Kanban type of view.

Convenient Job Posting

An Applicant tracking system allows you upload the job openings on different types of platforms that too in a single click. You do not require to set up and manually log in to separate accounts from each social platform and then post the job. Similarly , you also do not require to keep a track of every single social media platform and outcomes generated from each post individually.

Remember once you have a good Applicant Tracking tool is going to gather the analytics from each platform and then showcase it collectively. Different countries have their own well-known job boards but the bare minimum need is that the ATS should be able of automatically post your jobs to platforms like google jobs that is one of the most searched areas by job seekers for jobs.

Better Cost Per Hire

Since you all know most businesses cannot simply invest hundreds of dollars ongoing via the expensive screening process, each time they need to recruit a new talent. Similarly, these businesses cannot even afford to recruit the wrong resource because of an incompetent screening procedure , as it might end up costing them a lot more afterwards.

Professionals feel that Applicant Tracking tools are the most affordable and good recruiting technologies ever. They think that technology has made even SMEs able to perform a competitive recruiting & staffing procedure. The point is if you feel that the ATS is going to harm your budget then you are mistaken. You can make a lot of productivity out of this system that too without spending through your nose. Once you explore the tools and options in these systems, you would find them to be in your budget. There is no harm in investing in a system that works effectively for your recruitment procedure and that too without even harming your budget.


To sum up, it is time that you use tools like ATS to ensure that you speed up recruitment in your organization that too without any danger of wrong hiring. Once you use this tool, you would make the most of it.