The essence of site recording and its importance

The essence of site recording and its importance

The essence of site recording and its importance

After development of a one in kind of an agile software, new areas of the business would be explored for opportunity and growth. Most of them have been successful in catering to the needs of Fortune 500 companies and during the exploration phase it was found that business acumen and technical capabilities would give a better idea to understand the behaviour of a visitor.

Poor conversion, higher bounce rates with a higher drop rate are some challenges which a business would like to avoid. Normally marketers rely on the use of different tools or strategies to be away from such bottlenecks. But a truth is such tools would give a fair indication on the real time activity of an user on the website. Even the generated insights are not enough to overcome the challenges that is mentioned below.

The real issue

Most of the modern-day business rely on the use of Google analytics and they are able to analyse the user behaviour of a visitor. This is by the amount of time which they are spending on the website. But the use of such analytical tools provides detailed numbers. Even these numbers would not be able to comprehend the real reason on why certain behaviours will not suffice.

Hence the need of the hour was a perfect solution in terms of user experience which extends beyond numbers. There is a solution necessary to analyse a visitor’s behaviour and understand the exact reason where dropping could lead off to. It is fundamental for a solution to figure out the areas on the web page which could turn out to be a major hindrance as part of a smooth customer journey.

Specific requirements

The moment one is able to address the existing set of challenges, the research time is going to gather all requirements for a solution.  It is necessary for the tool to have the following characteristics

  • Generation of visual and explicit data points which is going to indicate the activities of an user on the website
  • The context of the users behaviour is showcased
  • All the engagement is recorded in the form of clicks, mouse movement and a lot more
  • Storing along with compiling of data along with the actual video
  • Not only it enables to optimize the website but helps to arrive at data centric decisions.

The solution

From research a fact which emerged is that there is no potential tool available in the market to comply with the requirements. Then It was decided to go ahead and build a tool on our own. Session recording was one of the solutions which emerged and any marketing team was in a position to deal with the bounce rates, conversion rates. All the solutions which are available in the market do not contain the necessary capabilities which would enable the marketers to cope up with existing challenges.

The moment you visit a website session recording starts to record all your activities on the site. It can be clicks, mouse movement and with actual video it stores the data. A marketer is able to leverage insights so as to obtain data centric decision along with optimizing their website in a better manner.

There is a need to have an idea to figure  out realistic ways where you can obtain the behaviour in any of these sectors. Hence such a module enables the client leverage user form of analytics behaviour and hence would be able to monitor the journey in an accurate manner. Some of the notable features of site recording are as follows

  • An intelligent dashboard to view all the behavioural data
  • The visitors are segmented to be tracking the specific portions on a website
  • Heat map software in place to figure out the mouse movement, clicks along with the scrollfor mobile or a desktop visitor.
  • On custom tag filters session recording is in place.
  • A/ B testing of the website and you have to be comparing it with the other versions.
  • The filter date to check by version name, bounce rate and a lot more.

No doubts to the fact it works out to be a robust tool to have an understanding about visitor behaviour. With the aid of the same you may go on to formulate effective form of marketing strategies which is going to provide a better user experience to the visitors on the website. In addition you would be learning more and more about the user behaviour and when it comes to the website optimize it for UX. Any customer issues that tends to emerge can be solved in a fast and precise manner. On to various marketing activities various insights may be applied. Eventually a series of all such activities goes on to enhance customer support in a major way.