Affordable Document Shredding

Document Shredding

Document Shredding

The fact is identity theft is a problem all around the world and a huge amount of it is because businesses and individuals are not destroying their documents and papers correctly. When there is any kind of sensitive, confidential or important information, paper shredding should happen. This means when you have bank statements, bills, business letters, even personal letters, they should be shredded before being disposed of, or criminals can use information they gather. Throwing things away is not destroying them at all. With a professional commercial paper shredding services you can have it done properly, or you can choose to do it yourself.

Find the right shredding company

Of course any business wants to consider the cost of something before they invest in it. When looking for a document shredding business consider the services they offer and how prices compare. As more businesses look for this service, so more people are starting new shredding services but you should look into them before you choose.

Make sure they are trustworthy

Since this is a case of possibly very sensitive data you need handling and destroying, then one of your key requirements perhaps even over cost, is their reliability and trustworthiness. Look them up online and compare and see what review sites might say. Check to see if there are comments about them on social media. See what others have to say about their proficiency. You should also make sure they have the proper policies in place that promises secure document shredding. You need to see their commitment to the service they offer, in their confidentiality promises, the process in which they take on employees, and more.

Look for state of the art shredding capabilities

It makes sense to look for top commercial paper shredding facilities. Places that have up to date shredding capabilities, and if you need it, perhaps even the destruction of items more than just paper, like CDs, floppy disks, credit cards and such. These things should be shredded so well that there is no chance of any data being usable once it is done. Machines these places have tend be far more capable and powerful than the ones you can buy for your office, and especially better than the ones you can have in a home.

Shredding yourself

As mentioned you can choose to shred yourself. There are several different types of shredders you can buy and they vary in strength and ability. You can also choose cheaper ones that shred into strips, which is less secure as they can be stuck back together by someone determined, or a more expensive types that turns it into confetti.

There a few reasons many choose to use a professional document shredding company. It can be a time consuming process that you are paying your staff to perform, the machine needs care and you need storage for it all. When you have high quantity of document to destroy it is more effective to have a service do it. You can always opt to observe the shredding and they should give you a certificate confirming destruction.