When should I look for commercial plumbing contractors?



Commercial plumbing contractors are usually well established regional or national companies. They often include a range of trades. They can cope with large contracts for industrial plumbing or major house-building projects. They are generally not interested in domestic bathrooms or fixing leaks. Some contractors do, however, have divisions dedicated to smaller non-industrial work.

Plumbing contractors Perth often include drainage and sewer work in their portfolio. They also put more emphasis on industrial and commercial plumbing maintenance.

A plumbing contractor must be licensed. To get a plumbing contractor’s licence, the individual concerned must hold a tradesperson’s licence. They must also have qualified from a recognised plumbing training provider. The rules are set out in the Plumbers Licensing Act 1995.

If you have a major industrial project involving lots of heavy-duty pipework then you’ll need a plumbing contractor. If you want a new toilet fitting then a plumber will do. You are likely to pay a lot more to get the work done by a contractor than you will if a self-employed plumber comes. The certification and risk assessments and general overheads all add to the cost. On a positive front, you can expect a more professional approach from a contractor. You are also not dependent on one man turning up. If the self-employed plumber gets ill or he gets a higher priority job somewhere else, you could be waiting a while for your new taps.

Check the company website, if they have one. Genuine commercial contractors will have photographs of large factories and major housing developments. Self-employed plumbers may not even have a website. Sometimes you will see plumbers calling themselves ‘contractors’ to appear larger than they are. A self-employed plumber is unlikely to be able to finance the up-front purchase of materials for a major contract. He would also struggle with the sort of financial guarantees that this project work would entail.

If you are looking to place a contract for a big industrial scheme then you will know the importance of getting several quotes. Any decent plumbing contractor will provide you with a detailed specification for the job. You should also expect a budget price and a schedule of work. The cost of the work at this level may run into tens or even hundreds of thousand dollars. You need to be clear on what you are getting and that is where quality commercial plumbing contractors come in. Always build in a contingency percentage. Ten to fifteen percent is a good start. That should prevent any nasty surprises requiring senior management approval. It also ensures that the job can keep flowing without the project team having to get more funds approved.

Conclusion – do I need a plumber or a plumbing contractor?

In general, if it is a domestic job, call a plumber. 5k dollars to 100k dollars is the domain of the larger commercial plumbing companies. If it is anything above 100k dollars then you need to find a specialist plumbing contractor. Plumbing contractors Perth generally are licensed contractors. They may well have a civil engineering section or a close relationship with a company that they work with on big projects. Get several quotes for major commercial or industrial work and always include a contingency percentage.