13 High-Waisted Underwear Styles That Are Meant To Be Seen

High-Waisted Underwear

High-Waisted Underwear

Wondering what is trending in the underwear world? Everyone has a different opinion on the type of underwear to put on and how they want it. And that’s okay because every woman’s body is uniquely beautiful. In the 2000s, high-waisted panties were a trend, with some stylish women showing their G-string while rocking low-rise jeans. While we thought those were some dead old fashions, the trend resurfaces in 2020 and is now a thing.

If you think you can rock some high-waisted underwear with designs peeking through your jeans or just want to upgrade your underwear game with some stylish pair of pants, we have collected 13 pairs of beautiful high-waisted underwear to spice up your life. From thongs to briefs, there’s something made just for you.

1. High-Rise Brief

The latest underwear trend is panties styles to insinuate long legs, such as the High-Rise Brief. These pairs of beauties look and feel nothing like grandma’s underwear. They feature a high-leg cut gap that will help your legs look longer while emphasizing your waistline.

2. High-Waist Brief

If you have muffin tops or love handles, high-waist panties are an excellent choice for you. These high-waisted panties offer full coverage and are designed to cover love handles and muffin tops.

3. High-Cut French Brief

If you’re looking for new classy underwear trends to show off above your low-waist hipster, the high-cut French brief could be the thing you need. Its high-cut style will elongate your legs. It also gives a higher rise, thereby highlighting your waistline.

4. High-Waisted Thong With Undercut

This high-waisted underwear features a cut-out detail you want showing under a pair of denim jeans. They also have a higher rise reducing the possibilities of a bunch and work as a bikini bottom due to their cut design.

5. High Rise Hipster

Hipster panties are known to be comfortable and fall in between bikinis and boy shorts. They don’t show panty lines. The high-rise hipster offers the same benefits but has a high rise above love handles and enhances the waistline.

6. Metallic Star High-Waist Brief

If fancy is your style, the metallic star high-waist brief can be worth your money. Not only is it a design by Rihanna’s fashion line ‘Fenty,’ but it is also full coverage featuring a bow at the front and comes in multi & purple and multi & blue color variations.

7. Moonflower French Brief

These beautiful pants are full-coverage and come in various floral prints that you wouldn’t want to be covered up. They are also high-cut to give a more extended leg look, are in stretch lace and 100% nylon.

8. Cotton Rib Brief

These briefs are boyfriend-inspired and made of stretch cotton. They are also breathable and comfortable and come in several color variations.

9. Gia Panty

These High waisted panties come in the color red, and we all know how red is associated with love and comfort. But that’s not ever the best thing about them. Its major highlight is a glossy gold buckle feature right at the front center. Who wouldn’t love to show that off?

10. Cannabis

It is a fancy high waist brief with a transparent look and an original embroidery feature at its front. It also contains a lining made of 100% cotton and comes in color black.

11. The Highwaist

In recent years, women are looking for a much “high rise,” and The Higwaist just happens to give the highest rise that goes right to the belly button. It also offers full back coverage and provides enough support for comfort.

12. Soft Stretch High Waist Seamless Briefs

It is a mix between a brief and boy short and gives a fair amount of coverage. It’s also a design by the famous French lingerie brand Chantelle.

13. Cotton Rib Briefs

It is an exquisite high-waisted brief belonging to Kim Kardashian West undergarment collection. This piece also features contrasting seams that give it a unique sexy appearance.

With plenty of new underwear designs released every year, you have no choice but to keep up with emerging trends. To clear up your closet of any outdated, overly stretched panties you wore and dug into the new high-waisted panties that will give you an excellent feel, comfort, and confidence in your body. Don’t be left out while people show off their beautifully unique bodies under impeccable modern underwear designs at the beach.