8 Creative Ways to Organise Your Blankets



You probably have a tonne of blankets lying around the house, whether you live in a warm or cold area. This is due to the fact that they are simple to grab on chilly winter nights or even in the summer when your companion desires to keep the thermostat low.

You’ve probably gathered more bulk throw blankets than you need because they make great gifts in bulk. Others, though, may have sentimental significance, or you may routinely welcome overnight visitors.

Top-Notch Ways to Organise Your Blankets

It’s crucial to understand how to arrange blankets when not in use in order to avoid a pileup. The following suggestions for blanket storage will allow you to keep throws close at hand while avoiding clutter and maintaining a tidy environment.

  • Blanket Rack in Ladder Style

An attractive and useful addition to any room is a ladder-style blanket rack. You may buy wall-mounted ladder racks made of metal or wood that are perfect for storing large quantities of bulk throw blankets. You may easily reach your warm covers while giving your decor an appealing rustic or modern touch by simply draping your blankets over the ladder’s rungs.

  • Storage in Woven Baskets

The many sizes and types of blankets that can be stored in woven baskets demonstrate their adaptability. Pick a couple of attractive baskets that go with the style of your room, and arrange your blankets neatly inside. This technique gives your room a hint of texture and warmth while keeping your blankets organised.

  • Making a Blanket Ladder

Consider building a DIY blanket ladder if you’re feeling crafty. The project might provide both amusement and purpose. Numerous tutorials are available online to help you with the procedure. Adapt your ladder to the style of your room by giving it your favourite finish or paint colour.



  • A Trunk or Blanket Chest

A blanket chest or trunk in the old design can be a beautiful and useful addition to your living area or bedroom. These storage items not only keep your large bulk throw blankets securely tucked away, but they also make lovely home accents. To give your space character, go for one with elaborate craftsmanship or a worn finish.

  • A Blanket Display That Hangs

To make a hanging blanket display, think about utilising decorative hooks or a curtain rod. Vertically hang your bulk throw blankets from the hooks or rod you installed on the wall or above your bed. This not only frees up room on the floor but also lets you use your blanket collection as a gorgeous wall accent.

  • Blanket Storage Shelving

Include shelves with blanket storage built in. These shelves provide additional display space for books, ornaments, or potted plants, in addition to being a useful solution for organising your blankets. Whatever the decor theme of your room—modern, rustic, eclectic—select a shelving unit that goes well with it.

  • Ottoman With Blanket Storage

Choose a piece of furniture with multiple uses, such as a storage ottoman. Many ottomans have concealed storage spaces where you may tidily stow away your large amounts of bulk throw blankets. In addition to keeping your blankets organised, this choice can be used as an additional seat or footrest in your living area.

  • Wall Hanger for Blankets

If you don’t have much room on the floor, you might want to use a blanket-specific wall hanger. You can arrange and present your blankets in a pleasing manner with these space-saving hangers. There are many different designs available, from basic wooden hangers to ornate wrought iron patterns.



Wrapping Up

You are free to choose the blanket organisation strategy that best suits your living space and personal preferences after studying these creative ideas. You may easily incorporate your blanket collection into your design by using a little imagination and selecting the best storage option.

By doing this, you not only make sure that warmth and comfort are always available but also that your bulk throw blankets can enhance the ambience of your house in a fashionable and functional way. Organising your blankets can be practical and aesthetically beautiful, whether you choose a ladder-style rack, woven baskets, DIY projects, or any other strategy.