SEO Or SMM: What Should Your Brand Focus On In 2021?




Experts have been debating over this for the last couple of years. But how do you know which methods are best for your business? Here we will go through the differences they hold and see how each strategy caters to branding.

Before we start comparing the strategies, lets’ first understand what SEO and SMM means.

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a method to organically push your website on search engine rankings. There are several SEO practices that help the SEO executive to rank the websites higher than its competitors.

Why Use SEO?

Whenever we need something, what is the first thing we do? We do a google search. Yes, this is where we can take advantage of consumer behavior. If we can rank our website higher than our competitors, our competitors’ traffic will start flowing into our websites.

What Is SMM?

SMM stands for social media marketing. It is a practice of sharing content on social media in the form of text, images, and videos. Doing so helps you create a grand personality among the consumers. It initiates friendly relationships with the customer and interacts to drive sales.

Why Use SMM?

According to Igloo SEO Agency in Dubai, Consumers do not like brands that try to sell products straightforwardly. With the help of SMM, companies and brands can tell a story about their brands and connect with them. This practice helps the companies make sales efficiently.

SEO Or SMM: What Should Your Brand Focus On?

So now the million-dollar question, on what your brand should focus on? Let us begin dissecting the facts.

  1. Emergency Product And Services

Do you offer emergency products and services? If so, then SEO is the best strategy you can go for. Whenever someone is in need, the first thing they do is log in to their Google account and search for the relevant product and services. SEO is the best way to showcase your products and services for the users in need.

  1. Impulse Product And Services

Do you have a website that sells unique and unnecessary items? Are your audience impulsive buyers? Then SEO is of no use for you. SMM is the best strategy you can use. You can share your product and services on social media with a custom link and buying option.

  1. Viral Marketing

If you are more into viral marketing, social media marketing is just the right thing for you. Viral marketing methods can boost your brand overnight. However, it can also reduce the popularity overnight.

While you are using social media marketing platforms, ensure that you are aware of this fact.

What If You Need Both?

Well, there are scenarios where you can say that your business needs both. Let us further break that one for you.

While you do not have to pay money to rank your website higher, you certainly have to pay money to SEO experts to get the job done. In fact, the result will take time to surface itself.

SEO is all about how search engines take your content. If your content is of high-difficulty and has similar content on the internet, you will have difficulty ranking it.

But with the SMM, you do not have to hire any professional. You just need to create and share high-quality content. Thought you might have to spare some dollar for the social media ads.

You need to consider these factors while you are using both the strategy.

Take Away

Now that you know the difference between SEO and SMM and the advantages of both platforms, you would be able to choose and select the right platform for your brand.

Leave a comment if you think there are other ways to implement SEO and SMM strategy to boost your brand and reach new audiences. We are sure our readers will find your suggestion helpful.