SEO and Forum Backlinks: Basic Principles of Effective Self-Promotion



How does the search engine decide whether to select your site for the front page? What can you do to increase your chances? How do links help you to that effect? What do social media and forums have to do with it? These are the questions we shall try to answer in this article. The ultimate goal is to help you understand how to build quality forum backlinks and why you need them in the first place.

There is so much content on the internet these days, and still, there is only one first page in search results.. The search engine needs some criteria to decide which pages to show first. The question is how to convince it that your content is worth showing. Fortunately, there are ways to do that, provided you understand how the entire process works. But let us start from the beginning.

Fundamental Criteria for Search Engine Optimisation

When you enter keywords in the search window, you ask the browser to suggest some content that will be relevant to you. There are some basic principles that the search engine follows to decide what to show you first.


For a starter, it eliminates all the spam. There is a lot of it on the Web, and several SEO mechanisms have been designed to ignore the sites that simply include the too many exact keywords in their texts or use too many spammy links to promote.

Appropriate Material

Next, the engine selects the content that will be relevant to your search query. It takes into account the nature of your query, your location and other significant factors. For example, if you want to decide where to go out tonight, the engine will generate options for the evening entertainment in your city.

Site’s Popularity

Still, there will be so many relevant webpages that the engine has to choose which ones will appear on the first page. One of the most decisive factor is how many people visit the site or refer to it and how much time visitors spend on the page once they are there.

In other words, the engine counts the number of visits to your page, references to it and the duration of each visit. That is where links become crucial for a site’s self-promotion purposes.

Various Link Building Strategies

A link, sometimes called a backlink, is a connection to your page from another site. It may be just a recommendation to visit your site or, more commonly, a direct transfer to it. Links are valuable for two reasons: they serve as references to your page and increase the number of your visitors, and the search engine counts both.

Nevertheless, it is important to make your content truly relevant and gripping too. For one thing, it will affect the duration of each visit, which is significant for SEO purposes. Plus, if your content is not valuable in the first place, you will lose your audience anyway, no matter what SEO techniques you employ.

Provided you have developed valuable content, the next question is how to build a sufficient number of links to convince the search engine that your site should show up on the front page. There are multiple techniques to achieve that, all of which could be classified into three categories.

1. Fake Them

That brings us back to spamming. Some people call this category the Black Hat backlinks, as opposed to the White Hat ones that provide genuinely relevant content. You can generate actual spam or create a PBN network where each member helps the others push their products. One way or another, you try to trick either the search engine or the potential audience to increase the traffic of visits to your site.

2. Buy Them

Alternatively, you may choose not to bother with building the links at all, buying them instead. Since we have no intention of advertising any such services in this article, we shall refer you to the infinite spaces of the World Wide Web where you can find plenty of companies that will help you procure invaluable backlinks at a reasonable price.

There is no need to explain here how it works because the whole point in choosing this strategy is not to concern yourself with how it works, outsourcing this part of the job, so to speak. As they say in Brave New World, you pays your money, and you makes your choice!

3. Generate Them

Otherwise, you can master basic techniques of successful self-promotion and begin to advertise yourself on various sites to build your links in a natural way. One of the most recent and very effective strategies in this category is to build forum profile links.

Social Forums and Profile Backlinks

Forums are sites where people meet to discuss something that matters to them all. Search engines trust forum backlinks and find them significant because they indicate that your content is indeed relevant and popular. A genuine profile backlink is worth a lot for SEO purposes, and the next question is how to build lots of them for your site.

Whether you choose to buy them or build them naturally, it is important that:

  • The forum is relevant for your content, and vice versa
  • Your manner of content presentation is appropriate for the target audience and meets SEO technical requirements

Apart from that, you should check that the backlinks you obtain can be followed. ‘No-follow’ is a prefix attached to a link that the search engine should ignore, and it carries no value for that reason. You can browse the internet for some software tools that help you determine whether a link is a do-follow or not.

Summary and Conclusion

There are many ways to make search engines work for you without using spam or fake backlinks. Which strategy you choose will depend on your style and business needs. But whatever you do, it is vital that you:

  • Select the right niche for your product
  • Create relevant content for your target audience
  • Establish an appropriate manner of content presentation
  • Meet the SEO requirements of your search engine

And when you have something to offer, find people who want to get it from you and deliver your content in a way that both you and your audience enjoy, you will be so close to ultimate success that you might soon not even need the front page anymore.