7 tips for securing your small business from hackers

Tips for securing your small business from hackers

Tips for securing your small business from hackers

Modern security systems offer many applications to protect your PC or website from unauthorized hacking. Typically, hackers are interested in access to documents, bank accounts, credit card information or confidential information of value to the owner.

It is not always possible to secure your data with a single antivirus or password, since the hackers can bypass even the modern security system. In order to protect personal or business information, simple yet proven security rules should be followed.

  1. Hacking the security system of the online platform of the site. Cloud data warehouses use colossal means to protect their customers’ information, but no one is 100% safe from penetration into the system. Therefore, government and military companies do not store documents on online platforms, clouds, etc. If your information is of great value, use servers that are not connected to an external network.
  2. Possession of the password. The classic version of hacking a PC, website, platform, which is used more often than other methods. This threat extends to home PCs or commercial networks with few agents and weak security systems. For security purposes, it is recommended to use modern versions of antivirus software, monitor security updates and carry out preventive cleaning of your PC from malware.
  3. Regular antivirus scanning. To securely store personal information on a PC or website, periodic scanning for viruses and spyware is used. Today, the user is offered a variety of cleaning utilities with a proven track record and positive customer reviews. It is also recommended to regularly conduct cybersecurity software testing. To do this, you can contact the specialists.
  4. Updating system patches. It will be easier for a hacker to restrict access to your own files if the latest versions of the patch are not installed. The virus penetrates the security system and blocks access to user data.
  5. Double authentication. A simple and effective way to further protect your account or website. Multilevel authentication implies an additional piece of protection using more of the client’s personal data. If you need a password and a username for classic access, then when you re-authenticate you need to use e-mail, enter a password from SMS or perform a voice command over the phone.
  6. Denying access to data using htaccess files. Restricting access to third-party users by correctly configuring htaccess files is especially important today. When your resource has gained popularity, it is tempting to use the content of the site for the benefit of third-party interests. Moreover, there are cases when search engines identify clone sites as unique sources of information. In this case, there is nothing better than to provide a certain level of access for each folder by configuring the htaccess files. Additional htaccess file configurations allow you to restrict access for some files or provide open access for other directories.
  7. Using an SSL certificate for data transfer. The presence of SSL certificates in the exchange of data is not only an additional level of security for the transfer of information from leakage or interception by third parties, but also a significant plus for the image of the resource. Recent versions of browsers mark resources without SSL encryption as unreliable. As a result, this negatively affects the ranking of the site in the search results.
Securing your small business from hackers

Securing your small business from hackers

An SSL certificate protects the transmission of messages between two parties by encryption and decoding. For security, asymmetric and symmetric data encryption is used, depending on the type of connection. The advantage of an SSL certificate is that different types of decoding are used within the same algorithm, which increases the level of connection security. It will take months or even years to hack or tamper with the connection protocol.

DataArt specialists will help you set up an effective security system and eliminate existing viruses and other dangerous programs.

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