Here’s How Link Building Is Done Properly

Link Building

Link Building

Link Building is the foolproof method of bringing more audience and customers to your business. While one can execute this strategy on their own, the best way, however, is to work with the Best SEO Link Building agency so you can see excellent results in no time! Keep reading to find all the secret tactics!

Essentials Of Link Building

Link Building has one goal: getting high-quality websites to link with your website. Established publishers mention your website using the “anchor texts,” and Google uses it to help you rank better on SERPs. Coming on top of Google search results and getting a shout-out means more sales and customers!

Stages Of Link Building

Link Building makes a website more credible both for your target audience and search engines. It also helps you get thousands of hits from the website that mentions you in their blog. These are the steps that make up a Link Building campaign:

  1. Finding the famous websites.
  2. Learning what their audience wants.
  3. Analyzing their content.
  4. Getting in touch with them.
  5. Reaping the benefits.

Let’s take a closer look at all these steps!

Finding Top Websites

Not all websites are created equal. Some of them offer no value to their readers, while others are famous worldwide for their quality content. Which websites you have to go after for your Link Building campaign? You have to find ones that are putting out great content regularly.

Here’s your pin-point top websites in your industry

  1. Find which websites rank on Google against your target search queries.
  2. Look for the websites that are known as an authority in your target audience.
  3. Use BuzzSumo, Alexa, or AllTop for locating the top blogs.

But here’s a thing: be wary of websites with a terrible interface and make it difficult for the reader to find relevant information. There will be no use in getting a backlink from a website that doesn’t value its reader’s time.

Their Audience

Here’s the truth: you have to find websites that have a loyal readership. Even if a website ranks for specific queries and has an outstanding User Interface, there will be no use in getting backlinks from them if they don’t have an audience is present. So be picky and don’t think about those sites that don’t get attention.

Follow these steps to find out if they have an audience or not:

  • Look for the comments on their recent posts.
  • Check their frequency of posting content online.
  • Find out if their posts get social shares or not.
  • Check their social channels to estimate their audience.


What Do They Want?

So your target website has an active audience, but do they even fall in your “Target Audience?” For example, if you are selling novels online, the audience of sports websites will not be willing to read about your offering. Getting relevant is the key, and you have to find it on your own!

Here’s how you can uncover what’s cool with their audience:

  1. Check the content the website regularly publishes.
  2. Find out the regular length of their blogs.
  3. Analyze the format of their posts.

For example, a website focused on music reviews will be positing detailed and easy-to-read blog posts about current music regularly. In the same fashion, you have to unearth what’s cool with a website’s readership. Remember that getting backlinks from irrelevant websites is only going to hurt your blog.

Contacting The Websites

Things take an interesting turn when you reach the step of contacting your target websites. You can either ask them to share your exciting content or have permission to get published on their blog. Both of the techniques go by the names of:

  1. Guest Posting
  2. Blogger Outreach

Guest Posting

Websites are always in need of excellent content that engages their audience and strengthens them in the industry. You can create a win-win situation for you and your target website by getting on the Guest Posting route. But relevancy is the key here as well. Don’t do Guest Posting for unrelated sites.

Here’s what it includes:

  1. Look for the websites that actively post content from guest authors.
  2. Check out whether their audience loves the guest content or not.
  3. Find out what is the length and format of their content.
  4. Create content that they will love to post on their blog.

Go ahead with websites that are cool with guest posting and actively post content from guest authors, as guest posting is the proven way for building quality links but keep in mind that blogs have their specific editorial guidelines. Not following the guidelines properly might result in rejection.

Blogger Outreach

Bloggers are the leaders when it comes to word-of-mouth marketing. They understand their audience, create great content, and maintain the status of being the industry leaders. You can earn backlinks, build an audience and find people who will love your service or product.

Here’s how you can get outstanding results from the top bloggers

  • Look for active and authoritative bloggers in your industry.
  • Engage on their blogs and social posts to build a connection.
  • Write posts on your blog that their audience would love.
  • Contact them and ask them to mention you on their blog and share your content on social media.

Getting In Touch

Email is the most important thing whether you choose Guest Posting or Blogger Outreach to either make or break the deal. You have to develop a clear and concise message that engages your target blogger and makes them say “yes” to your offering. You can nail your email with:

  1. Mentioning how you learn from their content.
  2. Telling them, you have relevant content for their audience.
  3. Add links to your posts and ask them to share your stuff.


Various little details pop up when you start executing your Link Building strategy. Do you want to get stuck figuring out all the details on your own? The best thing for your business is hiring a link-building agency, so you have the best results in no time!