Android operating system as the best choice



Android is the one of the biggest and most important open source codes of all time, made for mobile devices in base of a Linux Kernel modified version, they made all the way through and now day they are sponsored by Google; and if it’s not enough, the open source code has been used to create a lot of android variants leaving the limited place of smartphones, and exploring the gaming area or even camera’s code each of those with an specific interface and usually with an extension called Google Mobile Services.

Android got a long way covered and, in this article, we are talking about all the benefits that includes having an Android powered device.

Top benefits of having an android device

  • The Google play services are more family friendly

The two biggest application markets are the App Store from Apple and the Play Store from Android; they both get more than a million downloadable apps. But in terms of interface, most of people prefers the android operating system’s one because It’s lightly more easy-going and also got a movie section which can be used in every mobile using a browser.

  • More phone offers are available with Android

Apples software is pretty limited in devices but, in the other hand, the Android operating system is a lot bigger in phone choices, with different price levels. Having a lot of options is not an advantage by itself, but each one of those smartphones give different functions and a considered level of customization. We can also say that the android phones can be cheaper when trying to replace pieces of them, unlike Apple devices does, you do not need to change an entire phone when the battery is damaged when using an Android cellphone.

  • More storage is more useful

Expanding your phone’s memory can be very expensive if you don’t have buying an MicroSD expand as an option and for lucky, almost every phone in the Android’s catalog have a memory card expansion, with all this if we combine the cloud storage and the internal phone’s card, we will have a lot of space.

  • Universal chargers

Like the micro card expansion, almost every android’s cellphone uses a standardized type of charger. This option makes that sharing a charger is not really a problem and every battery can handle it with no problems.

  • Infrared option

This option brings you more comfort because you can use your cellphone as a TV remote controller. As a wireless cross-device is a very good advantage above the software of the competence.

  • Customized keyboards

When you got another phone that isn’t an Android one, your keyboard options are quite limited. Otherwise, an android device handles some good options of keyboards that can be a hundred percent customizable; the most famous is the SwiftKey.

  • Widget options

This one is probably the most valuated things and the one that makes every android consumer gets involved. Some of the very best cellphone widgets made for Android are Weather, Calendar Widget by Home Agenda and Battery Widget Reborn.