Managing a Hired Remote Development Team

Remote Development Team

Remote Development Team

You have a great startup idea and you hired your own team of remote developers. After months of delays, sub-par releases, and exits from the team. You have realised that your skills are better suited to selling your product, getting people excited about it, and taking feedback. Often it’s not enough just to own something but to know how to manage it well. Being able to recruit a good or even a best dedicated team is not enough but the way you manage your dedicated team will determine their performance and the quality of your product.

Every business is a customer-first firm, and if you don’t have an app for your company, you’re way behind the competition these days. You must have a mobile application. As popular research states, users are glued to their tiny phone screens, with the average mobile user spending about 4.2 hours on applications alone. Wouldn’t it be great if your app was one of them?

Here is a list of suggestions to manage remote teams, a.k.a. your dedicated software development team. Keep in mind that the offshore managers who are part of your dedicated team can help with a significant portion of this work.

  1. Make A Good Schedule

It’s critical to have at least a couple of overlapping hours set out for every cross-office contact. Make the time of meeting consistent, keeping in mind the time zones of your team’s local country which will help you stay organized, and team members would be ready at the decided time without you notifying them every day. Keep conversations brief and focused on the topic at hand.

Divide the project into smaller segments as much as possible, as moving step by step is more productive, and smaller chunks of labour are easier to manage.

  1. Effectively Communicate Daily

Organize daily meetings to keep track of progress and to keep everyone up to date. To improve contact, use audio and video calls, and ask everyone to display their screens so that others can comprehend explanations more quickly.

Make time to meet your committed team in person (at least key developers and managers). Doing this helps to motivate the staff and spread the ideals of your organization.

  1. Please Provide All The Information

You should communicate all of your requirements and critical information to the team. If essential details emerge after some work has been completed, it will slow the development and release process, and you’ll have a demotivated dedicated workforce.

Try to document and share the details of the decisions and outcomes of every meeting with all team members. It will bring all the members on the same page as you.

  1. Choose User-Friendly Software

Your everyday routine will consist of texting, calling, screen sharing, time tracking, and task management. Try to make it as enjoyable and easy as you can.

You can take the help of the softwares listed below to manage your dedicated software development teams. 👇

How Can Your Devoted Development Team Produce The Best Results? 

  • Invest in team-building by creating strong bonds with your virtual development team and facilitating a healthy work culture.
  • Get weekly, if not daily, updates to make sure everyone is on the same page and the project is on schedule.
  • Celebrate achievements and show gratitude for a job well done.
  • Allow your committed development team to relax personally by providing them with an opportunity to do so. To commemorate a project milestone, you could host a team lunch or outing.
  • Make a habit of meeting your team individuals in person. You can either organize a visit or invite the team members for a quick meeting. This will build trust, and they will stick with you for a long time.

Benefits Of Hiring Cliffex’s Dedicated Development Team

Benefits Of Hiring Cliffex's Dedicated Development Team

Benefits Of Hiring Cliffex’s Dedicated Development Team

You can never go wrong when you trust Cliffex for your mobile app development and/or software development projects. At Cliffex, we have a group of talented app and software developers, engineers, programmers, designers, testers and project managers. We believe in being connected and delivering quality.

There are several reasons you must consider hiring our team:

  • Most companies don’t even know the technical know-how of hiring the best man or team for their project, and that’s where we come in by guiding you to the roadmap to hiring a talented individual both in the perfect mix of experience and knowledge. We simplify your hiring process and provide you with the best and relevant team.
  • We have a team of developers and designers who are versatile with various programming languages and applications, respectively, making them flexible to switch according to your project needs.
  • You will always get connected with the Project Manager and every other member of your dedicated team to know all the whereabouts of your project’s development.
  • Our dedicated development team consists of motivated individuals. It has the best success rate verified in the testimonials and reviews and the projects we have developed over the years.
  • We provide Frontend, backend, database, hosting, designing, version control, project management and tools, and test automation so you will find every professional you will need from start to end for your projects.


Dedicated teams are a fantastic way to get up and running when you have a solid roadmap to follow. If you already have experienced Product and Project Managers and want to quickly expand your staff with minimal effort, they can assist you (legal, sourcing, office management, etc.).

Most importantly, treat your remote employees as if they were part of your in-house team. They should feel like they’re a part of your company’s culture, even if they’re hundreds of miles away. Managing a remote development team is not an easy task, but you can bring the best out of your team if you can do it right.

Dedicated teams blend into your culture while retaining their distinct qualities.

You’ll have a good chance of success if you keep attention to detail and try to follow the tips mentioned above.