Why Everyone Should Be Aware Of COVID-19 Legal Rights During The Pandemic

personal injury

personal injury

COVID-19 is probably one of the biggest and most serious humanitarian disasters that humankind has ever faced. It has resulted in the loss of millions of lives, closure of several million businesses and caused widespread grief on a scale that the world had never seen.

While governments and international institutions scampered about trying to impose lockdowns, curfews, and put in place social distancing, there was a lot that was left to be desired. When it came to human rights and legal redressal during the pandemic, there were cases of exploitation.

In this article, we look at some of the legal remedies that are open to family members whose individuals might have contracted COVID-19 and passed away from the same.

Can you File a Coronavirus Lawsuit in the United States?

According to a leading Bronx personal injury lawyer, you can file a Coronavirus Lawsuit if you have lost a family member under the wrongful death claim.

When the pandemic started the government put into place several standard operating procedures for businesses. It restricted the movement of people, allowed only essential services to work, and put everything else under curfew.

Businesses that were classified under the essential services head were told to follow social distancing norms and have in place all proper sanitization facilities.

While most businesses tried to ensure that the health of their family members did not suffer, others did not follow any or all of the protocols. This made its employees contract the virus and sadly pass away from the same.

According to leading experts, a family is well within their rights to prove that the said business did not follow all the measures that eventually led to the death of an employee.

Filing a Lawsuit Against Nursing Homes and Senior Care Facilities

While nursing homes and senior care facilities are supposed to ensure that the elderly are taken care of, a lot of them were found wanting during the virus spread.

Most official documents and news reports were announcing how the virus is particularly life-threatening for senior citizens of individuals with comorbidities. Even in spite of these warnings, a number of nursing homes across the US saw the elderly contract the virus.

The first wave saw thousands of senior citizens in nursing homes pass away after contracting COVID-19. They were helplessly placed in centers that did not follow any social distancing and allowed the virus to spread easily from one person to another.

This became a crisis that required serious governmental intervention. Thousands of family members lost their loved ones when their lives could have easily been saved by following the proper guidelines.

In such instances, family members are entitled to file a personal injury lawsuit against the institution seeking compensation and punitive damages for losing family members.

Selecting the Best Personal Injury Lawyer for your Coronavirus Lawsuit

If a lawyer comes up to you and says that they have a decade worth of experience in handling Coronavirus lawsuits, you know they are lying.

What you need to look for in terms of experience is the number of wrongful death cases they have fought and won. This is the closest you can come to understanding how a Coronavirus Lawsuit works.

The lawyer needs to be qualified enough to prove that the patient contracted the virus as a result of negligence, ignorance, and carelessness of the institution and its employees. This means a strong emphasis needs to be paid on evidence gathering.

When it comes to getting fair compensation, no one can put a price on someone’s life. However, a family that is paying thousands of dollars for the care of their family members needs to be adequately compensated for their loss.

The Bottom Line

If you have a loved one because of someone’s negligence, you can file a Coronavirus lawsuit. The same goes for prisoners in holding facilities and prisons that have contracted the virus thanks to mismanagement and negligence in the United States. If you wish to know more about Coronavirus lawsuits or how personal injury works in this regard, drop your questions in the comments section below.