What is normally covered for my brand new Peugeot car warranty?



The implications of car warranty that manufacturers offer for new cars is known to all. The warranty demonstrates two things – firstly, the manufacturer has complete confidence in the quality of cars and uses it to build goodwill and reputation.

The other point is that the manufacturer assures car users that the entire responsibility for keeping the car in running condition during the period of warranty rests on them. It is a way of owning up responsibility for all the inherent qualities of the car thereby gaining more customer confidence which pays back in the long run.

The manufacturer is liable to repair all defects and faults that occur during the warranty period and it covers all parts and accessories that are part of the vehicle at the time of sale.  No money has to be paid for the warranty cover of new cars. On average three years or 60,000 miles is the warranty on cars in the UK but your brand new Peugeot is no exception.

Know what you can get

Despite knowing the extent of responsibility that the manufacturer shoulders for new cars, it is always advisable to know what you can actually get from the new Peugeot that you have purchased.

  • The warranty commences from the date of invoicing and is valid for 3 years or 100,000 kilometres whichever happens earlier.
  • The warranty for paintwork is valid for an additional 3 years and for passenger vehicles there is a12 year coverage against corrosion.
  • If any part of your car needs repair or replacement during the warranty period, the company will do it free of cost. You have to get the vehicle repaired by your authorised dealer only.
  • Even if you have sold your car during the warranty period, the same benefits are extended to the new owner.
  • If your vehicle is immobilised and requires a part to be replaced, you can always request the dealer for Service Loan Vehicles that are available under the Peugeot After Care scheme.

Authorised repair centres

All services are carried out at Peugeot authorised repair centres that are manned by technicians trained at Peugeot.  You get the closest attention and care at these centres and can be sure that only genuine Peugeot spare parts are use for repairs. This is the only way to ensure that the warranty remains in force. By talking to the dealer you can find more about the facilities that are near at hand.

Extended car warranty

Having enjoyed superior service and assurance of uninterrupted car use during the first three years, you get so much used to it that you simply cannot do without it. But as all good things come to an end, so also the Peugeot car warranty ends at the end of three years. If you want to continue with the peace of mind that you have already experienced, then you can buy the extended car warranty that commences or the time the new car warranty expires.

But the extended warranty has to be taken before the earlier warranty has expired.