What Happens If a Car Hits a Bicycle?



Cyclists face several risks when it comes to navigating the road. Most drivers never pay attention to cyclists, a factor that presents a danger. But what happens if a bicycle hits a car? Who is at fault- the bike or the car? If you hit a cyclist as a driver, you might be held accountable for injuries or losses suffered by the victim.

All in all, once this accident occurs, you should have familiarized yourself with the laws of the state or county as well other elements such as insurance.  In most states, cyclists are permitted to drive on sidewalks where bike lanes aren’t present.  Moreover, cyclists should be able to follow the rules and regulations similar to drivers.

Laws That Permit Sharing of Lanes

Cyclists and motorists are allowed to share public roads, but this notion isn’t allowed in some instances.  By lousy luck you hit a cyclist, the cyclists will be entitled to personal injury and property damage.  If you hit a cyclist, you must stay within the scene of the accident. Otherwise, it might be considered a hit and run.  If found guilty of the offense, you can be sentenced to prison and face severe penalties.

Bicycle Personal Injury Claims

Protecting your rights as well as the cyclist is crucial. However, bike accidents can result in devastating effects such as head or brain injuries, injuries to the spinal cord, and broken/ fractured bones.  These are just some of the impacts you can face.  If a cyclist can make a claim, the chances are that he or she might have suffered grievous injuries. If you hit a cyclist, you can be liable for damages such as emergency medical checks, prescription medicine, physical therapy costs, hospital bills, and loss of work.

Know Your Options

As a driver, you must know the rules and regulations to protect you and others on the road.  If you hit a person, the first thing you should do is stop and attend to the injured rider.  It is also mandatory that you call 911 as soon as possible to be provided with medical assistance. As an act of being courteous, make sure that all road users who might have been affected are okay.  You are also obligated to file a report of the accident. When filing an account, ensure that you provide accurate information to the police, as you will be held accountable once in the courtroom.  Another factor worth noting is that you will need to follow up and talk to the insurance company.

For your benefit, please take pictures of the accident scene as it will be essential for you as this will serve as your record of events.  In case you get sued for the accident, you must contact a bicycle lawyer.  Bicycle accidents commonly occur frequently, and if sued, it doesn’t mean that you are at fault.  For example, if a cyclist tries to intercept while you have the right of way, he or she will be at fault.  If the rider was negligent, no matter how bad you feel for the rider, you shouldn’t be obligated to pay for anything.  You must hire an attorney who will help you with your case and sort issues with the insurance companies.

If you are a bike rider, many questions can linger on your mind, such as, “will I replace my bike?”  “How much is the case worth?”  So, what should you do as a cyclist and you get hit by a car?  The first thing you should get is medical assistance for any injuries that you might have suffered.  Once an emergency respondent can document your injuries, you can be able to file your claim.  The second thing that you should do is contact a personal injury lawyer after recording your statement.  Our attorney will help you get maximum compensation for your damage.  The third thing you can do is make an insurance claim with the driver’s insurance company.  Making an insurance claim will help compensate you for any losses that might have occurred, such as repairing your bicycle, medical costs, and other damages.

Is it Possible to Share Fault?

In some states, if you don’t abide by traffic regulations and you are a cyclist, you might be deemed to be partially at fault for the accident.

Accidents can be pretty traumatic, and no one is prepared for them. If you happen to be in an accident and don’t know how to go about lawsuits and insurance claims, talk to us at JD injury law for all your needs.