Understanding Public Intoxication Laws



Are you a San Antonio resident in need of a DWI attorney? You may face serious consequences even if it’s the first DWI offense. These charges will impact your employment, driving privileges, and ability to travel. Protect yourself from getting a permanent conviction by hiring Trey Porter Law, a dynamic advocate, to represent you.

DWI charges.

The penalties for driving while intoxicated are harsh and severe. In San Antonio, first-time offenders face jail time. When a DWI attorney challenges the state evidence, the charges can be dismissed. A DWI lawyer protects your rights by providing the best legal representation. A powerful defense comprises a skilled and experienced advocate. An officer can arrest you for DWI charges if they can establish probable cause and reasonable suspicion. Penalties for a first-time offender include:

  • Driver’s license suspension.
  • $6,000 fine.
  • One-year jail term.
  • Court costs.

After a DWI arrest, everyone is taken to the county magistrate’s office for processing. They will be required to appear before a magistrate judge, who will set the bond amount and conditions for release. The court date and property return information are provided after the offender is released. Resolving a first-time DWI charge takes time. The process is frustrating and impractical.

If you want to contest the suspension of an automatic driver’s license, you only have 15 days to do so. The first court date is set 30 days after the arrest. You will get additional criminal charges if you miss the court date. Drinking is prohibited while on bond for DWI. A drug test is conducted as a pre-trial condition. Before a DWI case is resolved, it may take 8-10 months on average.

Driving privileges.

After a DWI charge, your driver’s license is suspended. You can request a replacement driver’s license, but this does not prevent the forthcoming suspension. Texas Department of public safety will suspend driving privileges for 90-180 days after a DWI arrest. If you drive with a suspended license, you will face additional criminal charges and bond revocation. You can legally drive during this suspension period if you have an occupational driving license.

Will a first-time DWI offender face a jail term?

Yes. A first-time DWI offender may face a maximum of 6 or 12 months in jail. It is dependent on a person’s blood alcohol concentration. Jail time or probation is how first-time offenders get punished. The maximum probation period is 24 months, while the jail time is 12 months. Legal representation highly impacts the punishment received. A powerful defense will determine if you get a dismissal, conviction, jail time, or probation.


The consequences for DWI charges are harsh, even for first-time offenders. The penalties include driver’s license suspension, a $6,000 fine, a one-year jail term, and court costs. A powerful defense will determine if you get a dismissal, conviction, jail time, or probation. Trey potter law has highly experienced attorneys who will help to dismiss criminal and DWI charges. A drug test is conducted as a pre-trial condition for a bond. Do not drive with a suspended license to avoid additional criminal charges and bond revocation.