Reasons You Need A Logo Animation To Boost Your Branding



A logo is the identity of the brand and plays a vital role in brand development and recognition. A logo builds a brand reputation like no other element. Although, the more you show the logo, the more people remember it, the brand recognition due to the logo also depends on how it is presented.

That is why often brands alter the logo a bot keeping its originality intact to refresh people’s memories, and one of the best ways they adopt is logo animation.

What Is Meant By Logo Animation?

Usually, a brand’s logo is in the form of a wordmark, image, or emblem or it may be a combination of these all in the static. An animated logo is exactly what hits your mind when you hear these words; the addition of effects and animation to the logo. Depending on how they will be used, logo animation can be dynamic or in the form of a short presentation video.

How Many Kinds Of Logo Animations Are There?

There are many kinds of logo animations, however, few are the ones used extensively including animation, motion graphics, 3D animated logos, emblems, morphing, etc. Each kind has its own usage and benefits.

However, not all styles will suit your business or brand’s persona. So, you have to choose according to a few deciding factors.

What Logo Animation Kind You Need For Your Brand?

Well, there are a few factors to keep in mind before you opt for logo animation for your brand.

These are as follows:

  • Your brand’s niche personality
  • The goals of your business
  • The placement of logo animation

Your logo animation can variate according to the placement of your logo placements. Also, it depends on the audience you are targeting to. Also, your logo animation variation may be faster or slower. 3D logos and motion graphics logos are best when it comes to usage versatility.

How to Create the Best Animated Logo?

Logo animation may become complicated for a newbie as it requires a little bit of knowledge and expertise to design a perfect brand logo. However, there are several ways one can create a good logo by following some simple tips and keeping some things in mind as follow:

Use the Best Logo Animation Apps

Several applications help create the best animated logos. You can elevate your brand image and come up with a catchy new logo design using the best logo animation apps. Some examples are

  1. Adobe Spark
  2. Canva
  3. Logo Maker Plus
  4. Tube Arsenal
  5. Offeo
  6. Renderforest
  7. Animaker

Keep In Mind The Target Audience

Knowing your target audience is of utmost necessity when it comes to logo animation. So research your audience well before you start designing.

Keep In Mind Your Brand Name

Always keep in mind your brand name while animating your logo. It is best to include a first letter or any imagery related to your brand in the logo to create a sense of association. After all your logo should point out what your brand is all about and what services you are providing.

Be Minimalistic

It is too easy to go over the top as a newbie logo designer. Do not do it. Keep the logo simple, minimalistic, and sophisticated. You can create more variations later on.

Why Logo Animation Is Necessary For Your Brand?

From a broad perspective, logo animation helps your brand to get more recognition and engagement. But there are a lot more reasons you need a logo animation for your business and we are discussing below why you actually need an animated logo for your business:

To Engage Your Customers

If you want to get the attention of your potential and existing customers, logo animation is your way. An animated logo engages your customers longer than a static logo. The more you indulge creativity in your animation, the more your audience will likely appreciate the upgradation. It also makes audiences curious about the new initiative by your brand or whatever new you are going to offer.

To Create And Enhance Your Brand’s Awareness

Increasing and enhancing brand awareness is the ultimate goal for any business. Since customer engagement is better with animated logos, you can enhance your brand awareness using them in different ways. More people will associate them with your brand due to the animated logo along with the new product, promotion, marketing, or service you have launched. A logo animation helps in enhancing brand awareness far better than a static logo.

To Convey Your Brand Personality

Logo speaks a lot about your company. The best example of the Microsoft Windows logo is there. Also, the logo of Chanel speaks about class and luxury. It means you can easily convey the brand’s personality through logo animation to your customers. You can include a combination of graphic elements, animations, sounds, or music to elevate it.

Also, it is a great idea to share a short video explaining the behind story of the creation of your logo. Not only it will amuse your customers but also helps them understand your brand properly through your logo.

To Generate a Higher Return On Investment

Logo animation leads to more customer engagement and it will eventually lead to higher return on investment. The animated logo makes the bounce rate of your website much lower as it hooks customers easily. People then explore your brand more and more with all of your services or products to give you a better ROI.

To Show Off Your Creativity

You can make your brand shine through your creativity by opting for logo animation. You can play however you want with effects, animations, graphic elements, and colors, to elevate your existing logo or create the new one and show your customers your artistic side. Also, it makes you stand out from the crowd in this competitive era and provide a unique element to your brand.


So that’s wrap to our guide on why you need logo animation. Do come up with a variation of your logo to capture the audience you elevate your brand’s visibility in the market. Also, the animated logo is super easy to create if you have the right tools like logo animation apps or a creative team. Do let us know about any of your concerns in the comments below.