How Organically Grown Instagram Followers are More Effective?

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Growing followers on Instagram is no easy task, at least not for newbie Instagrammers. There is so much competition out there that Instagram users have become so savvy. They look for every minute in an Instagram account before following it. That means buying fake Instagram followers is going to do more harm than good to your reputation and follower base. As such, it makes sense to employ only an organic Instagram growth service to do much of the heavy lifting and increase your following. 

There are many services that sell fake or inorganic Instagram followers at a fraction of the cost of buying real followers. These services actually use bot farms to lift your account statistics instead of providing you with real followers. For the reasons explained below, it is always a good idea to use organic Instagram followers and get help from the Instagram growth service.

Real Followers Bring Organic Engagement

The reason Instagram influencers are so effective is their ability to engage with their followers. Real users will follow your page if they find it useful, entertaining, or helpful. They are thus more likely to like, comment, and share your posts. On the other hand, fake followers are either people who have no interest in your content or are simply bots. These so-called ‘followers’ will not engage with your content or leave easily recognizable and generic auto-generated comments.

Sometimes, these bots can leave inappropriate comments, such as “nice one,” on sad posts.

Real Followers Help You Earn Money

Most influencers eventually hope to make a living off their Instagram account. Selling a product or partnering with brands is the usual way to do so. If you have a real following that trusts your content, you can make sponsored posts, and chances are many of them will answer your calls to buy from you or your sponsors. You can’t expect bots to buy from you, can you?

Contrary to what some people think, companies don’t just look at the number of followers an account has. They have metrics to determine engagement rates an influencer’s account should have based on the number of followers. If the rates on your account are far off, brands will smell something fishy and steer clear. What good is it for them to pair up with an influencer who doesn’t have any influence? 

Instagram Deletes Fake Followers

Instagram actively seeks out and deletes fake accounts. If you bought 1,000 followers today, you might have none left by tomorrow as Instagram purges those accounts. Boosting your statistics with fake followers goes against Instagram’s terms of use. You may be hit with a warning or have your account suspended or removed permanently if you continue the practice.  

Fake Followers Ruin Your Credibility

Fake followers are very easy to spot. If your page is found to contain such followers, the impact on your reputation could be irreparably damaging. Both real people and brands alike will consider you to be dishonest and distance themselves from you. The worst part is that this loss of credibility isn’t limited to your Instagram account – it will carry onto your accounts on platforms and even leave adverse effects on your future business ventures. 

So, for these reasons and more, be sure to use only an organic Instagram growth service to fuel your Instagram account’s growth.