10 Best Nail Captions for Instagram

Best Nail Captions for Instagram

Best Nail Captions for Instagram

Diamonds are said to be a girl’s best friend, but what about neatly manicured nails? There were relatively few individuals who took care of their nails or had a manicure in the past, but now that technology has advanced, there are specialized nail manicure salons. Aside from nail manicure, there are currently several types of nail art that young girls and ladies can’t get enough of.

One of the finest pleasures is the tiny thrill you get from a cute manicure, and when you add nail art to it, your mood just soars. Everyone, whether they prefer classic or gel, ‎acrylic or natural, requires a fresh polish every now and again. And you want people to admire you when you have your nails done. 

Having the most beautiful nails but no captions to show them off? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our 10 best nail captions. These nail captions are for all the trendy females who prefer to take care of themselves by getting a manicure and a pedicure every now and then. ‎

1. Life is not perfect, but my nails are.

This snappy nail caption will capture all of your Instagram followers’ attention. People will notice your nails first, therefore if they are immaculate, you will naturally seem elegant and lovely. ‎Our lives or filled with several weird things. Our life is imperfect yet it is beautiful. Even if your life is not in order you can keep your nails in order at least. Take out some time from your busy life and keep your nails in shape and hopefully your life will soon come to shape as well.

2. Be yourself in style, to the tip of your nails.

Are you a fashionable babe with amazing nails? If so, check out this beautiful nail caption for your manicure photos. If you’re experimenting with different nail colors, you can submit a photo with this caption. Nails are one of those things that will never go out of style. ‎It is often said that style is the man (well in this case woman). You should be authentic in your lifestyle as well. You should always go for the things that you love. Same is the case when it comes to choosing the proper nail paint for your beautiful nails.

3. Nailed it.

‎Whenever a person wins a game or succeeds at a mission he/she uses this caption “Nailed it”. It means that you have achieve perfectness in that specific thing. If you have put on a nail paint that is looking good, you can use this short caption to tell people how good your nail paint is looking.

4. All that glitters is… well, on my nails.‎

Glitter nails are popular among both young and old girls. If you’ve glammed up your daughter’s or your own nails and are searching for a caption, share a photo on your Instagram page with this one. If glitter is your hallmark hue, this nail caption is ideal for you. Leave a glimmer wherever you go. ‎

5. When in doubt, paint your nails.

It happens to a lot of people that at some point in life they start doubting themselves and they try a lot of different things to get their life back on track. If you have been going through the same I would recommend that you should sit alone somewhere, take out your favorite nail polish, and paint your nails. This little activity will remove all the doubts that you were having.

6. Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face. It’s about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart, and a pretty soul. Oh, and pretty nails!

Several things contribute towards the beauty of a woman. Most of the people know that a pretty mind and a good heart makes for a good woman. But if we talk about the physical beauty then we can’t ignore the impact beautiful nails play in presenting you as a beautiful person. Therefore you should always take care of your nails because they add to your beauty.

7. Make time for your nails.

This is another beautiful caption that you can use on your nail pictures. This caption tells you how important it is to take care of your nails. Our nails turn bad if we don’t make time for them because regular cleaning and trimming are really important to keep them in shape. Therefore you should not take your nails for granted and always try to make time to tend to them.

8. Don’t ask for my mood, just check my nails. They say it all.

I can say this from my personal experience that you can judge a girl’s mood from her nails. If she has her nails in good shape and she has also put on some nail polish, it mean she is happy and she is having a good time. But on the other hand, if a girl’s nails are not in good shape it means she is having a tough time and that is the reason she has not been able to make time to tend to her nails.

‎9. Why shouldn’t your nails be as colorful as your dreams!

When you color your nails, it produces a resonating effect on your mind and soul as well. If you are an optimist who has got great plans for the future, it should be reflected in your outlook and lifestyle as well. Instead of keeping your nails in bad shape you should take care of them as you take care of your dreams. Always take some time out to polish your nails, it will make you look more beautiful.

10. Surround yourself with nail polish, not negativity.

If you are a girl you would say yes to this notion that all the girls have a plethora of nail polish varieties at their disposal. And whenever they go shopping they always buy 2 or 3 nail polish boxes. This is a very good thing because it gives you the option to try several new products. Therefore in life if you are ever surrounded with negativity you can make that negativity go away by simply buying some new nail polishes and putting them on. Seeing your beautiful nails you will forget you were being negative before.


It is a blessing to have naturally healthy nails. These nails aren’t for everyone. We invest our hard-earned money to get perfectly manicured nails. However, many of us do it at home. But the primary theme is to showcase your nails on social media with nail captions, not where you had your nails done. ‎

Nail art and nail designs are a mainstay for many women, and the popularity of nail designs has grown steadily in recent years. Some nail paints are lovely and charming, and they frequently give the bearer a confident appearance. Knowing what color and form suits you and your personality is the key to nail art. 

Whether you like basic and stylish or bold and stunning, your nails are a reflection of who you are and should be adorned accordingly. So go have your nails done, upload that cute photo on Instagram, and use these captions to express how fantastic you feel with your new nails.