Everything you need to know about Sony Playstation 4

Everything you need to know about Sony Playstation 4

Everything you need to know about Sony Playstation 4

Just like the previous versions of PlayStations, Sony’s next-gen PS4 has also become one of the most popular gaming consoles among gamers. The major reasons behind the widespread popularity of PlayStation 4 1TB are its cheaper price, superior gaming experience, and better performance than its predecessor. So, if you are upgrading from your PS3 or using this console for the first time, here are ten facts that you should know before buying a PS4.  

PS4 does not support PS3 games:

The previous versions of PlayStations such as PS3, supported PS1 and PS2 games. This increased the price of the PS3. Although the PS4 prices $200 more than the PS3, it still does not offer this feature. You cannot play any PS3 games on your PS4, except for a few through online streaming. Furthermore, PS4 does not support the PS3 peripherals, except the PS Move. Older versions of Bluetooth headsets and headphones are also not supported.

Improved and more simplified processor:

Unlike the previous models of PlayStations, PS4 comes with a simpler and more user-friendly processing architecture. It is packed with a built-in power supply. The processor includes an eight-core AMD “Jaguar” CPU as well as Raedon GPU. It further comprises an 8 GB 5500 MHz GDDR5 RAM. All these features combine to offer a superior gaming performance than the Xbox One. This more accessible processing architecture will also allow the developers to produce more quality content for this model. 

Does not support CDs and MP3s:

If you have used PS3, you should have noticed that you can play CDs and MP3s. However, PS4 does not read CDs and MP3s. It can play Blu-rays and DVDs only. Moreover, PS3 can read files from USB external storage devices. On the other hand, this feature is not available on PS4. You can use USB external storage devices only for system software updates. PS4 comes with a unique “safe mode” that allows you to update the software through a USB thumb drive. Unlike PS3, PS4 does not support 3D Blu-ray movies. 

You cannot play multiplayer games free:

Like Xbox Live Gold, Sony has introduced this feature that does not allow PS4 players to play online multiplayer games for free. The previous versions of PlayStations came with a free online play model. But, in this new version, you have to take the PlayStation Plus subscription for playing multiplayer games. The only gaming console that allows free online multiplayer games is Nintendo. However, in PS4, you do not have to pay for the Plus account for using various entertainment apps such as Netflix. This is an advantage over Xbox 360 and Xbox One. 

Better Controller

Though DualShock 3 was a good controller, there were certain issues. All those issues have been fixed in DualShock 4. Apart from solving those issues, it has added more features such as a touchpad and tracking light. The new controller is also more comfortable and handier. You can also play a few PS3 games with it. 

Impressive connectivity features:

PS4 offers excellent online connectivity features to the users for online video streaming. You will find a share button on the DualShock 4. It will allow you to upload your gaming videos on the internet. Apart from the share button, it comes with a 15-minute cache that will enable you to share older clips on your social media platforms.  

A separate camera:

Unlike Xbox One that comes with a Kinect Camera accessory, you have to buy a separate camera for PlayStation 4 1TB. Though a camera is not compulsory for playing all the PS4 games, it may be useful while playing some selective games. It helps in motion control and also allows you to control the device through voice commands. The camera can also detect the user’s face and allows automatic login. 

A new PlayStation app:

Sony has come up with a new app for Android and iOS users. This app allows you to use your iOS and Android device as the second screen. You can also control the functions of the PS4 through this PlayStation app. 

You have to buy an extra stand to place it vertically:

Unlike the other versions of the PlayStations, the PS4 gets a trapezoidal design. You can place it flat on any surface. However, if you want to place it vertically, you have to purchase a separate stand to support it because of its shape. 

Does not feature TV overlay functionality:

In Xbox One, there is a feature called TV overlay functionality. The main function of this feature is to switch from watching TV to playing games quickly. This also allows you to play games on one side of the screen and watch live TV on another side simultaneously. However, this feature is not available on PS4. So, if you are looking for this feature in your console, you should go for the Xbox One. 

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