What to Look for in Appliances in Your Kitchen Remodel?



Remodeling your old kitchen can be fun like getting a fresh coat of paint, investing in new classy kitchen furniture, or drilling the best pieces of art. However, the kitchen is incomplete without its appliances. It’s a place where you cook and discover new culinary skills every day, and the right kind of appliances can help you with your daily cooking tasks. For instance, getting your hands on a premium quality Cangshan knife set, bought in Home Depot, saves your cutting and chopping time while cooking and a chance of winning a $5000 gift card by leaving feedback in the HomeDepot survey is a plus!

While it’s important to get the appliances that help you with your cooking tasks and groceries, there are also some other factors that you need to consider when remodeling your kitchen.

Consider Quality and Your Budget

With the innovation in technology, there’s no doubt that when we go shopping for kitchen appliances, we get overwhelmed by the wide variety of items that are offered. But it doesn’t mean that you need to burn a hole in your pocket.

Quality is essential as well. You wouldn’t want to invest in an item that is going to cost you $500 every other month. Try to find a balance between quality and cost, and you will be good to go!

The Best Refrigerator of Your Preference

Refrigerators can cost you anything between $350 to $2500 or more. It depends on the features that you value. Such as, if you need a sufficient area for the freezer, then spending a few extra bucks will be worthwhile for you. You can consider any of the following kinds of refrigerators that match your preference:

  • Top-mounted freezer: This is the “old school” refrigerator. It features a freezer on top and a refrigerator on the bottom. It is ideal for a small family and costs between $400 and $600.
  • Bottom-mounted freezer: It’s basically the reverse of the top-mounted, although, it’s convenient to have the refrigerator on the top side as you don’t have to bend. It costs almost double the top-mounted one.
  • Side by side: This one is widely sold in the market nowadays. It features a freezer on one side and a refrigerator on the other. It’s a bit on the costly side, though.

Cooktops and Ovens

Renovating your kitchen and ignoring the cooktops and ovens? No way. Models like ranges combine a cooktop and oven or you can even purchase them separately depending on the size of your kitchen and your needs.

A cooktop with electric coil burners is the most popular one as it’s the cheapest. It is also hard to clean.

Whereas a cooktop made of glass is slightly costly, but they are extremely easy to clean.

You should also consider if you are into baking and some features are compulsory for you such as delayed baking.


Dishwashers save you your precious time and effort. If you’re about to remodel your floor tiles as well you need to ensure the right cavity size.

You can either get a low-budget dishwasher that gets the job done but is noisy or you can get a high-end dishwasher that would cost you around $1000 but is very quiet and includes Wi-Fi capability, special wash zones, adjustable racks, etc.