5 Ways Creating A New Conservatory In Your UK Home Can Add Value

Creating A New Conservatory In Your UK Home

Creating A New Conservatory In Your UK Home


According to interior designers and evaluators, adding some significant sections to your home can increase its value. If you are looking at planning a home renovation project, might we suggest adding a nice and beautiful conservatory to your home?

Conservatories are not something new but are making a strong comeback in present times. If you trace their lineage, you will see that they first emerged during Victorian times and were a favorite space for the aristocrats and royalty to spend their time. 

In this article, we are going to look at five ways creating a new conservatory can add value to your UK home. However, before we get to the list of points, let us first briefly discuss what are conservatories. 

Conservatories: Meaning and Definition

A conservatory is very much like a greenhouse room or a sunroom, which is covered in glass and becomes an extension to the house. Conservatories allow for the sunlight to enter and create a nice and warm seating experience with small potted plants, decorative lighting, and comfortable lounge furniture. 

Conservatories became popular in the UK as people wanted to enjoy the sunlight after the cold winter months, but did not want to sit in external windy conditions. The glass walls and roofs of the conservatory keep the wind, dust, and insects out while letting sunlight create a nice environment. 

If you are wondering about the cost of conservatory, let me tell you it is very much in the affordable price bracket. A conservatory can cost you anywhere between four thousand to fifteen thousand pounds, depending on how well you want it made. 

List of 5 Ways Creating a New Conservatory in your New UK Home can add value

1. Extend the Living Area within the Home- 

Creating a new conservatory in your home is akin to building an entirely new room. This means in direct terms; you are adding more square footage of the living area. You have a new room within your house, which is always a good thing if you are entertaining guests, doing WFH, or simply catching up on some quiet reading time. 

2. Create an Area to Host Parties and Events- 

Brunches are a very British thing and they are coming back in vogue in a major way in 2021. Imagine holding a nice brunch fest at your newly built conservatory. You can wow your guests with all the plants, nice decorative pieces, natural sunlight, and some great food. A conservatory is a great place to hold events and parties for guests. 

3. Improves the Market Value of the Home- 

As we have already mentioned, a conservatory is like an additional room in the house. It does a lot in elevating the sense of space within a house. Leading realtors state that conservatories built on a budget of five thousand pounds can add an additional value of up to fifteen thousand pounds on a house. This is a remarkable increase in terms of valuation. 

4. Enriches your Garden and Open Areas- 

A conservatory is like an accessory, which really makes the garden pop. Gardens by themselves no matter how much you invest in the landscaping tend to be a bit on the dull side. By having a conservatory, you allow your garden to shine that much more. It also creates a space where you can watch the kids play in the garden meanwhile you relax in the conservatory. 

5. Creates your Personal Quiet Space in the House- 

While not all of us have a personal study like Winston Churchill, we can create a conservatory and enjoy our quaint space there. Whether it is simply opening a book and reading, or watching a movie, or even just taking a nap, a conservatory can help you relax in peace. It can become your own space to carry on with work from home as well. 

The Final Word

In the last few years, conservatories have definitely become quite popular in UK homes. They are definitely making a comeback. However, before making one, you should check with the authorities and ask about whether or not you will have to undertake any permissions for creating one.