Why Should Marketers Use Coding?



Technology is growing at an exponential rate, opening up incredible opportunities in the marketing world. Marketers can now accomplish amazing feats by customizing their campaigns through digital tools.

Python coding and other languages are becoming the go-to for programmers and web designers looking for data collection and data insights, machine learning, and content manipulation.

With coding knowledge, you’ll be able to design your websites, emails, and apps to run seamlessly and offer great first impressions to prospective clients.

What’s more, coding will also enable you to perform interesting tasks like web scraping with Python, which is actually quite simple to learn. Below are the top 5 reasons why marketers should use coding.

1. A Bit of DIY Saves Time and Inspires

Becoming familiar with what brings your apps, sites, and tools to life allows you to better understand what’s possible and paves the way for greater innovation. This ability to apply knowledge also empowers and inspires.

Furthermore, if you understand how coding works, you can quickly identify tech that’s up-to-date and appropriate for your needs. This will, in turn, allow you to save considerable time and money.

2. Coding Helps Marketers Appreciate the Process

It’s easier to have informed discussions about costs and timeframes with the people who implement your ideas if you understand the coding process.

Additionally, coding knowledge helps you choose the right company or designer to partner with.

3. Marketers Can Make Quick Fixes and Innovations

With coding knowledge, you won’t have to raise a ticket to your IT support for simple fixes like misbehaving paragraphs or scripts in your CMS, images that aren’t the right size, or YouTube videos that are not properly embedded.

You can also take charge of your own remodeling rather than simply consuming what others have done.

4. Coding Helps Marketers Measure Campaigns More Accurately

With coding knowledge, you can embed tracking codes, scripts, and tags that show you important information like what pages users are visiting. Furthermore, the ROI of embedded analytics can be measured in numerous ways, such as an increase in the lifetime value of customers and a reduction in client churn.

You can create more powerful and effective ads through utilities like Google Tag Manager and Google Ads. You could also improve your SEO game significantly. Because of its popularity, when you opt for a specific platform, there are always upgraded versions available to bolster data tracking effectiveness. For instance, when dealing with Magento, Magento 2 Google Tag Manager extension offers enhanced compatibility beyond the usual Google Tag Manager.

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5. Marketers Can Give Huge First Impressions

As a marketer, learning basic HTML and CSS allows you to polish up pages, make them visually appealing and engaging. This will result in users having a high opinion of your brand.


Since some of the most exciting marketing ventures are born from the creative use of technology, your marketing expertise doesn’t exclude you from learning extra skills like Python coding.

Coding helps marketers gain inspiration, save time and money, create a positive brand image, manage campaigns more effectively, and collaborate with designers while comprehending what they do behind the scenes.

In addition, coding knowledge also enables you to accomplish interesting tasks like Python web scraping.

Author information:

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