How to Write an Effective Personal Injury Demand Letter?

Personal Injury

Personal Injury

A personal injury demand letter has a significant role in the negotiation process that follows the settlement of a personal injury case after an accident. In this letter, you present your argument to the accused party or their insurance adjuster. Of course, you have to develop a powerful argument to claim the insurance, so the letter has to be impactful and striking. A local personal injury attorney can assist you in this respect. Nonetheless, here are some valuable tips for penning down this letter on your own.

Go Through Your Documents

In legal matters, being thorough is crucial. You do not want to miss out on even the minutest of the details. Hence before you start writing the letter, go through all the important documents and details following the accident. This will help you recall all the inconvenience, pain, medical treatment, and discomfort, and your writing will carry a convincing tone.

Consider Liability

Start your letter with a description of the location and situation of the accident and why the insured individual was guilty. Then, add every detail of why, where, and how the accident occurred and what you were doing before it.  You can also mention an alibi, outside support such as an eye witness statement or a code violation.

Comparative Negligence

Several accidents take place because other than the culprit, the victim also has shown some carelessness that contributed to the incident that may have escalated the situation. In your demand letter, you have to straightway deny that you were at fault as well. Despite being aware of your negligence, never accept it in the letter. You may consider that negligence could help decide a fair settlement; however, this is not your job. You are not to make comparative negligence statements before the insurance. This subject can be later dealt with if it is brought up during the settlement negotiations.

Detail Injuries and Treatment 

Recalling the trauma is hard, but it’ll be a necessary step in writing the letter. State the complete process. From seeking medical care to bearing the pain and suffering, the mental and physical damage you bore, and your complete recovery journey, mention everything. Do highlight any long-term or lifetime injury, disability, stiffness, scars, soreness, or disfigurement.

Do not be over-dramatic while making the claims, neither come up with the unreal condition. Any claims that prove to be false will go negative on your part, and insurance companies turn a deaf ear to them. Carefully choose your words; it’s better to use relevant medical terms where required.

Lost Income and Medical Expenses

This is most important; mention every medical facility you got treated from. Don’t forget to add the medical bills that you are still paying to this date. Also, briefly mention those working days you missed and the monetary damage you endured due to the injuries. You can attach any email or letter of your employer that would verify this statement.

Follow these tips to come up with a comprehensive and persuasive personal injury letter. State your condition, impose liabilities, and mention the medical cost you had to bear and the loss and damages you suffered.