What is a B1 visa?  



B1 business visa is a visa when a non-US business person needs to attend a business meeting in the country of US. So, on this visa, he can be in the country of US, for a partial amount of time( 6 months which can be enhanced to 1 year). Not only that if you have clients in the US from whom you need to get the payments, this is the visa to get. So, you can be in the US on a B1 visa without worrying about getting a job there for this purpose. Get to take part in conferences, business expos, trade fairs, and seminars through this visa.

Just meet the following conditions for the B1 visa: 

  • Show funds which are satisfactory  for any kind of US expenses
  • Let the government know for how much duration you plan to stay in the US.
  • You can easily be here for one year on this visa
  • Provide evidence, for you, leaving the country after your business visit ends. It’s better to be in the home country prior to the running out of the duration of this visa. So, show, that you have a house in India where you will live, after the end of the business trip.
  • We will help you organize the itinerary for this business trip.
  • Show necessary documents like a business card, a passbook and other kinds of bank statements.

So, apply for this visa 60 days before your intended journey in the US should commence. No hassles will be caused for you, and all the documentation needs will be our responsibility.

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So, give a new direction to your business in the US with this visa:

  • The business associates of US with whom you can negotiate when you go to this country.
  • Enter into strong business relationships with citizens of US and benefit from their knowledge and technology.
  • Get into consultation with your US business partners about any contracts signed by you. Also, if you need the approval of your American partners for business contracts, get it.

Seek the advice of your partners about your impending investment related decisions which can’t be discussed in telephonic communications with them.

  • Oversee the work happening in the branches of your US office by visiting factories. You can also settle any pending US litigation matters in the US on this visa.
  • Conduct recruitment processes for the hiring of US labor into your branches located here
  • Pursue a course which will help in the expansion of your business
  • Buy the required instruments which are available in the home country and not in the US and are extremely urgent for diversification of your business.

If you need to be in the US, for enjoying the summer vacations with your family, the B2 visa is perfect. You can’t take your children and wife with you to the US on a B1 visa, which is however permissible as per the B2 visa. You can apply for the B2 visas of your wife and kids if you want them to be together on a B1 visa.