The Best PDF Website: 4 Online Tools You Need for Your Electronic Files



Technological advancement has been a great influence on a better and effective way of managing and organizing electronic files. Many decades ago, people had so many struggles in handling their electronic files efficiently. It’s because most of them didn’t have enough skills and knowledge about proper electronic file management, and they also had limited access to computer software.

However, nowadays, the internet has a wide range of websites with a set of complementary file tools, offering help and assistance. One of the most helpful and popular sites that have been on this platform for many years is GogoPDF.

It doesn’t provide you with any computer software that you need to download and install, but it offers you access to its set of file tools for absolutely free. Here are some of the web-based tools of GogoPDF below. Hence, check each tool’s features and discover how they will help you fix any issues in handling your electronic files.

Online File Conversion Tool

One of the in-demand file tools of GogoPDF is the electronic file conversion tool. It allows you to get a new file format from the existing files you have on your device. Hence, if you wish to secure a reliable and fixed copy of your Word documents, you can use the online Word to PDF converter of GogoPDF. Besides that, you can also do the same thing with your Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. You can transform them into PDF format in the quickest possible time.

Moreover, if you have PDF files that need to be kept on your device for a long time, like land titles, certificates of birth, and other important documents, you have to convert all of them to PDF/A format. By doing this, you’ll be able to preserve and maintain the same quality of your files even after many years of storing them on your smartphone or computer. If you have other files you wish to process conversion, don’t forget to visit the GogoPDF website for more details.

Online PDF Merger

Many people still face different challenges when it comes to an effective PDF file organization. Because of this, the GogoPDF platform has successfully created an online tool to help these people solve the problem. It’s the PDF merge tool that will transform your computer file folders to be neat and well-organized.

You can use this particular file tool to merge multiple PDFs in your device and save them together in a single PDF file. Hence, if you have various PDF files that you usually use for the same project or task, you can combine all of them using GogoPDF in no time.

The main purpose of this PDF merge tool of GogoPDF is to avoid your files being scattered and disorganized on the screen of the device you’re using. By doing so, you’ll surely make your next PDF file search quick and easy.

Online PDF Encryption Tool

Another in-demand and popular file tool of GogoPDF is the PDF password protection tool. If your files contain valuable and sensitive data and information, setting up a password is the best option so that you can avoid any form of unpermitted file access and use. Because of this, the GogoPDF platform has successfully created this password-protect tool and made it available on its website.

The system will only require you to create a secure and unique password. You can combine different characters like small and capital letters, numbers, and even some symbols of your choosing. Just make sure that the password is strong, and no one can easily decode it who will have a chance to access and use your PDF files without your knowledge.

Online eSign PDF Tool

If you’ve experienced dealing with PDF files that require signatures, you might find it a little bit stressful and laborious. You may have printed out the documents, have the required people signed them, and have these PDFs scanned to have a digital copy again. You’ll have the same results as you go along with this process, but it’ll surely be so time-consuming.

Because of this, GogoPDF has developed another file tool to make this entire process simple and quick, and that’s the eSign PDF tool. You no longer have to grab a pen to sign your PDF files. The tool will only require you to use the computer mouse or the touchpad to add the signatures manually. Within a few minutes, the newly signed PDF files are now ready to use. Hence, you can directly save them straight to your smartphone file storage or computer file drive. That’s how fast it is to add the signatures on PDF files using the eSign PDF tool of GogoPDF.


Many people do have different challenges when it comes to managing and organizing electronic files efficiently. However, with the use of the right file tools, everything will become a piece of cake. Hence, if you’re one of those people, don’t have any second thought, and visit the GogoPDF website to access the tool you need right away, and that’s entirely free.