What are the basic steps to choose the best virtual platform for events?



We all are aware that online events are gaining popularity these days. It helps in creating a network and help in connecting people around the globe. The virtual event platform is an online space enabling the host to virtual conferences, meetings, seminars, online trade shows and much more with ease. It is software which helps to connect the host and the attendee. It is a great option for those businesses which have branches around the globe and wants to stay connected with other branch people. The virtual event platform comes in two distinct types- single webpage event platform and immersive webpage event platform.

Virtual events aren’t so new anymore, but they’re still extremely difficult to get right. Sending attendees gift boxes for virtual events is one of the most underutilized ways to leave a lasting impression.

You can easily find the best platform for virtual eventsMake sure to do good research and read the reviews before selecting the provider. While looking for a virtual event platform, it is very much important to look for the required features which are mandatory. These features should be according to your needs and requirements.

Following are some of the basic steps to choose while looking for a virtual platform for events:

  • Look for the right features- It is important to look for the basic features like registration and ticketing, brand customization, engagement tools, customization of the functions, accessibility, multi-channel streaming, event analytics, multi-track sessions and integration. The engagement tools include chat, polls, video question and answer, Gamification, photo booths, feedback collection, etc.
  • Consider what makes the virtual platform event best- Having a virtual platform event with bad quality audio, lag time etc which leads to frustration, for sure. It is important for the virtual platform to have interactive elements and colorful images with brands promoting themselves to make it more appealing to the eyes. Look for these factors as this will get people’s attention. Some of the interactive elements can be participation in question & answer, polls, fun activities like phone booths etc. Things like participating to join the stage or commenting in real-time will make it fun.
  • Know your needs- While planning for the event, it is very much important to look into details to make the event successful. The key elements are event infrastructure, organizers, attendees, etc. Before getting into the execution of the event, make sure to ask yourself the questions like what type of event is organized by you, the size of the event, is your event is hybrid, what the goal of planning this event and what engaging tool you might need for your audience. Also, consider your budget as a factor as well while planning to that you do not face any kind of trouble.

So above are the steps one must consider while looking for a virtual platform for events. To know more about this, the following points will help you to know what types of events can be hosted with virtual platforms:

  • Fair trade shows- Gone are the days when businesses used to conduct physical trade shows where the audience would walk in. With the help of a virtual platform, the audience looks into the 3D product demos and cross-device functionality to make on-demand sales. This will give the audience the same experience they get in physical walk-ins.
  • Online training platforms- If your business is placed around the globe, you can provide online training to the employees. Providing training through virtual platforms is way much easier and more fun. The lecturers, trainers and mentors will provide the training with the help of virtual space.
  • Product launch- Product launch through a virtual event platform will be much more cost-effective than in-person demos. The brands will be able to show their new launches at much more convenience. The virtual platform will offer 3D modeling which helps with the 360-degree view of the product. The audience will have the same experience with the product.
  • Virtual conferences- If you wish to connect large audience all at once, a virtual conference is a great way. With the help of virtual platforms, there will be no limitation on the number of audiences. The business will be able to reach its target audience irrespective of the fact that where they are located and how many are there. You can give the experience of them sitting in the town halls, auditorium, networking lounges etc.

So above are some of the points that will help you to know what types of events can be hosted with virtual platforms. If you are looking for a provider, you can contact ‘Airmeet’ online. They have good experience in developing customized virtual event platform software. Their virtual and hybrid event will help the business to deliver the best event experiences with more ease and convenience. It will make networking and engagement very smooth. Also, the attendees or the participants will leave with full satisfaction in the end.